Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As salaamu alaikum & Hello ladies,    As some of you may know or at least heard all the rave on kimmay tube's leave- in conditioner.  Ladies, let me just say this is my 3rd time using this mixture aaaaaand I love, love, love it !!!! my hair feels fabulous when I apply this leave's super, moisturized and soft like no bodies business.  I have read similar reviews and honestly, I have yet to hear one that is negative.  This great little number calls for Aloe Vera JUICE not Aloe Vera gel....Now, I do not know if the gel's results will  be just as moisturizing...but, I can say that they are very similar , I used a aloe Vera  GEL spritz for months  and I did like it, no real complaints there...but, I must say that I do like the juice much , much better for myself the moisture level seems to work hair seems to not feel as stripped.... (if you will.)  This leave-in conditioner is a keeper in my hair care regimen.  Here is what is needed, very easy and simple:

1 oz of your leave- in conditioner of choice ( I use Giovanni direct leave- in )
2  Tablespoons  of Aloe Vera JUICE ( I use Lily of the this brand)
2  Teaspoons of Castor oil
2  Teaspoons of Jojoba oil

ADD ON OF MY OWN ( not included in kimmay's original recipe)
3-5 drops of rosemary EO ( optional)

Mix...Mix, Mix unused in refrigerator and its said to use within 3 days.

Great , Great leave- in !!!



ChocolateOrchid said...

I've read only great things about this leave-in. I'm definitely going to try this now.

Unknown said...

@ChocolateOrchid...yes, I love this leave-in.

Coilybella said...

I use Giovanni Leave in as well and I also put about 4 drops of peppermint oil in mine.It is a great leave in. How often do you use it?

Unknown said...

@ Tinuke, I always use it on wash day and sometimes every now and then once or twice through out the week.
I totally agree with is really a great leave-in and so light ...add some of the ingredients posted in the post to your giovanni...if you haven't already...see how you like it, I love it really does wonders for my hair and makes my curls pop ! keep me posted if you decide to give it a go. Take care.

CallaLily said...

I've been using the leave-in with great results also. I have the Knot Today since I went crazy and bought the 32oz refill bottle some time ago (which was just sitting around, lol). I'm glad I get to use it up now.

Unknown said...

@Callalily...yes, isn't this leave-in great. love the results!
Thanks for stopping by Callalily, it's great to hear from you. Take care.

Samina said...

I love aloe vera gel(I use it daily), it is so great for my hair so I cannot wait to try this type of leave-in conditioner mentioned. I have seen this brand of aloe vera juice in the market's organic section here so I'm on it my very next market day, ya hear?

Unknown said..., Insha Allaah
It's really a great recipe...hope you like it....Take care.

FindingMe said...

I use this too!! LOVE IT!!!!!

I thought the original recipe called for two teaspoons of oil, each. I used 2 teaspoons of oil each in mine and I actually found the castor oil to be a bit too much so I am contemplating doing 1.5 teaspoons each of the oil and if that doesn't work, taking it down to 1 teaspoon each of the oils.

Anywhoo, love your blog and we have similiar tastes in products!

Unknown said...

@ Finding me... I so love this leave in hasn't let me down yet. And , you know often we may find that we have to alter a recipe to better fit what our hair likes....I always say , listen to the hair ( lol)

Thanks so much for stopping by, it was a pleasure to hear from you ! take care.

Lucky said...

Hello Sister! Not only did I install my new shower filter last night, I also whipped up a batch of this bomb leave-in. I have heard so many good things about it I had to try it for myself! I love the addition of rosemary EO, that was an excellent idea. Today is my hair washing day and I can't wait to try it!

Unknown said...

@Lucky....I can not wait to get me a shower filter...I plan to get one this weekend!

And, yes ...the leave in is the business I use it in my hair and my girls every single wash day. Keep me posted on how you make out.
Take care.