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Just as your body needs a workout, your scalp muscles need one too! A healthy scalp needs a constant supply of blood circulation. Hair follicles with a constant supply of blood will remain healthy and active. Scalp massages help bring these much needed nutrients from the blood to the scalp.Scalp massages can double as both stress relievers and scalp stimulants. These scalp massages help redistribute your own special scalp oil, sebum, to protect and nourish your scalp and help fight dryness and flaking. By redirecting blood flow to needy areas, scalp massages can help fill in thinning areas or speed up sluggish hair growth. If you are experiencing thinning in a certain area or just want to help nourish and invigorate your scalp, scalp massaging may be right for you. Mastering the perfect scalp massageA well executed scalp massage is beneficial to any healthy hair care regimen. A quality massage will leave your entire scalp with a warm tingly feeling for several minutes after you've removed your hands. It is best to do scalp massages with essential oils before a wash, or after you've moisturized and sealed your hair for the day. This way, helpful natural oils and moisturizers are inadvertently touched to the scalp without you actively going through and coating the scalp with a heavy oil layer. This also keeps your scalp clean and clog free. Essential oils provide a tingle for your scalp that will help increase the blood circulation on top of the manual scalp stimulation you are providing with your fingers. I will describe a 5-10 minute scalp massage technique that you can use to promote a healthier scalp environment.Essential oil mixture:

A essential oil scalp massage mix includes the following essential oils and concentrations: 5 drops of rosemary oil, 7 drops of peppermint oil, 5 drops of thyme, and about 3-4 TBSP of jojoba and/or sweet almond oil. You can adjust these ratios to suit your personal scalp stimulation tastes. You can also mix and match different essential blends oils at your leisure. The more concentrated the mixture, the more possibility for irritation, so please exercise caution if you are new to using essential oils for scalp massage.Scalp Massage Technique: The Deep Circular RubStep 1: Part your scalp into 4 quadrants with a line down the center, and one going from ear to ear. (Two sections in the front, two in the back.) Step 2: Place the pads of your fingers, not the nails, onto the edges of your hairline in the front. You will start massaging the front two quadrants of the scalp. Step 3: Spread your fingers along the scalp so that your total hairline is covered across the front. Step 4: Anchor your fingers securely in this spot. Step 5: Squeeze and rotate the scalp, rotating the skin toward the center of your face. The initial movement should be pushing the scalp skin back, away from the face, then around back toward the face.The right section should be making a clockwise circular motion. The left side should be making a counter-clockwise circular motion. Do not move your fingers from their anchored positions on your scalp!. It is important that you do not slide your fingers, rub, or mess with your hair. Your scalp massage is only intended to work the scalp skin itself. Most people blindly rub through their hair and scalp, scratching with their fingernails, but this may cause more harm than good. There is also a greater chance for tangling with a rubbing movement. You do not want this! Step 6: Repeat Step 5 for 1 minute in your current hair line position. Step 7: Next work your way back an inch or half inch from your hairline. Repeat step 5 for another minute. Gradually repeat this procedure until you reach the crown area of the scalp.Step 8: Once you have reached the crown of the head, place your fingers along the nape of your neck and work the back hair line for 1 minute. From there, you will work your way back up to the crown repeating your 1 minute line massages.If you have any slow growing or thinning scalp areas, feel free to back track and give a little extra attention to these needy areas of the scalp. Scalp massaging with essential oils is an easy way to relax, stimulate hair growth, and give your scalp a great workout! . For the most part I massage my scalp similar to this , however I haven't tried it with the oils recommended here . I found this article to be quite helpful . I hope you ladies find it of benefit as well. Enjoy!


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Thanks for the post. When I first BC'd I gave myself scalp massages daily. Since then I've slacked a bit. Thanks for reminding me.

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When i was little my mom always had me massage her scalp

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maybe I did it wrong, but when I massaged my scalp, my scalp was so tender. It hurt to touch it. I'm gonna try this way and pray it works!! Thanks sis.

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nfullbloom, try this way , I've done this to my scalp and my husband , and daughters . We all loved it. Hopefully you will enjoy it as well plus it helps to promote hair growth . Good luck , keep me posted , tell me how you made out. Enjoy! (smile)