Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hair scarves are silk or satin in texture and are usually in a big square so that they can easily be used to tie hair back and protect it while sleeping.

Hair scarves are the best way to protect your hair at night. Whether you roll, wrap, or pin up, you can't go wrong when you use a scarf.Some people are not so fond of securing their hair at night. Let me tell you why you should consider making using a hair scarf a party of your regular routine.
Who Should Use Them?
If you ask me who should use a hair scarf, I'd say everyone! However, I know some of you may not feel comfortable sleeping with scarves due to comfort or your husband. In that case, you can try satin bonnets or a satin pillowcase.
I would like to invite you to give hair scarves some strong consideration though. They can protect your hair better than anything else. If you are a wild sleeper, you should definitely use a hair scarf - along with a satin pillowcase in case it should come off for extra protection.
Why You Should Use a Scarf
The main benefit of using a scarf is to protect your hair from getting tangled, drying out, and getting snagged throughout the course of sleeping. Scarves also help to hold moisture in your hair.
A hair scarf protects your hair from getting as tangled as it would get if you were to go to sleep tossing and turning especially if you have mid-length to long hair. Tangling can also occur with shorter hair.
Dryness can occur due to your hair rubbing around on all of the fabric in your bed as well as rubbing against itself constantly.
It is also possible for your hair to get snagged or pulled from your pillow or your arm throughout the course of sleeping.
To be on the safe side, just use a scarf!
You Should Always Have One…or Two!
At the very least, you should use a scarf to protect your hair every single night. You can also use a scarf to protect your hair at other times:
Wear a scarf to protect your hair under a wool hat in the winter time.
Wear a scarf when you're taking a nap on the couch.
Wear a scarf when you're travelling and sleeping in the car.
Wear a scarf when you're hanging out at home to hold in extra moisture.
How to Use a Hair Scarf
Scarves are pretty simple to use.

1. Simply take the scarf, and fold it into a triangle.
2. Place the wide part of the triangle on your forehead.
3. Tie to two ends together in the back of your head.
You can tie the scarf at a tightness that suits you. Beware that if you tie your scarf too tightly, it can and will cause a headache or neck pain! Don't suffer for the sake of your hair style. Loosen it up a bit till you get to a tolerable level. You can also look for hair tie scarves - or scarves that are already shaped in a triangle so that they are easy to put on and tie in the back.
Where You Can Buy Scarves
You can buy scarves at various online merchants but I typically buy my scarves at Sally Beauty Supply. also has a really good supply of satin hair scarves. You can also buy a regular designer scarf from a department store
Sometimes they are much too large to use and you may have to cut them into the shape and size you need but they can add a nice fashionable touch.
Since being natural I now tie my hair up at night using a silk scarf and boy what a difference.
It definitely helps in protecting our AuNaturale's against dryness, that can occur while sleeping.
So, if you AuNaturale's do not own either a silk or satin scarf , I truly suggest that you consider quickly adding this must have to your " need to get list" ( smile). Enjoy!!!!


Kinky Rhonnie said...

Agreed. Silk and Satin are so important in your nightly regimen because they help to retain moisture while cotton absorbs moisture.

My favorite in the 100% silk Pretty Wrap because it's a combination bonnet/scarf in one.