Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hello Fabulous Fellow Naturals!

I found a few really great tips from naturally  On how to achieve frizz free hair, from time to time  a little frizz actually doesn't bother me.  I welcome frizz, depending on the look I'm going for that day.  Then there are days in which I do not welcome frizz.  A few of these tips may be simple reminders for some and first timer's for others.  Here is a bit of what was said:

 A Good Haircut is Key

Split ends are the beginning of frizz, so stop them before they start by getting your curls trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Don’t cut hair too short, since shrinkage can be a real problem in humidity.

Don’t Shampoo Every Day

Curly, kinky and wavy hair needs the natural oils from your scalp to reduce frizz. No more than four washes every week is good. For your off days, go the rinse and condition route.

 Lots of Conditioner!

Moisturize = Happy Curls! Aѕ curls succumb easily tο dryness, regular conditioning іѕ crucial. Never skip thе conditioner, аnԁ avoid two-іn-one, shampoo/conditioners. Once уου аrе done shampooing, squeeze extra moisture frοm уουr tresses (never wring), thеn work уουr conditioner іn frοm root tο tip. Leave thе conditioner іn fοr at least two minutes before rinsing. Using a deep conditioner once a week can be a major hеlр іn combating frizz.

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LazyCouchPotato said...

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ChocolateOrchid said...

Aww!! What a cutie-pie!! She's workin' that hair!

Thanks for sharing these tips!

Unknown said...

@Chocolate Orchid...Isn't she adorable!!!:))

You are quite welcome!. Thanks for stopping by CO, take care.

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Coilybella said...

First of all that baby is ADORABLE.....WOW!

These are very good tips. I can honestly say that shampooing brings on frizzes. Cowashing is so the business when it comes to washing coily/curly hair. Split ends will definitely bring on the frizzes too. I am now a believer in trimming. Once upon a time, I dreaded it!!

Unknown said...

@Tinuke...Isn't she just adorable!

I couldn't agree with you more I am a avid co washing curly girl!...for life (lol). Trimming a must for me as well.

Thanks for stopping by Tinkue, it's always a pleasure. Take care .