Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hello ladies!

How I hope all is well with everyone:).  As some of you ladies may know I looove my herb infused oils and spritz.  Today I bring you a great, effective , easy and even better...a natural way to aid in dandruff or dry scalp.  Below I will post a very simple way of doing so, this recipe can be made as a oil infusion or a spritz your choice.  Before we start let me say when I infuse my DIY's I use heaping tablespoons or a great amount of herbs.  I like the infusions to be strong.   So I will not list the measurements below, because you can use as much or as little as you like.    You do not have to use as much, the results should be the same.  Now let's get started:


Horsetail   ( also great for hair growth, split ends, and  dull hair )

Burdock Root  ( also great for shine & luster, hair growth , split ends, dry hair, growth, and damaged hair)

Chamomile   ( also great for dry hair,  sensitive scalp, and itchy scalp)

White Willow  ( also great for scalp irritation, and shine & luster)

Coltsfoot ( also great for hair growth, split ends, and growth )


Gather your jar, herbs, etc.  If infusing in oil of choice ( i.e EVOO, Jojoba, etc) after placing herbs into jar pour your oil over that.  You can allow your herbs to sit in a dark cabinet to infuse.  Or you can place your herbal mixture in a window seal allowing the sun to aid in the infusion.  You can do this either way from anywhere to a few days ,  weeks , or months.  I have let my infusion's sit  for 6 months at a time ( but , you must chance the herbs every month) the longer it sits, the stronger the infusion.


You can  use the very same herbs , boil some water pour your hot water over the herbs into a container.  Allow this to infuse for a few hour's to overnight.  Drain the herbs and there you have an herbal spritz.  From there you can add Essential oils, Aloe juice ( I always add Aloe , love that stuff).  pour into a spry bottle and store in the refrigerator.

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Atiya_BK_Chick said...

I LOVE my herbal spritz! I use many of the same ingredients you have listed along with hibiscus powder and of course my EO's. I also used the herbs in the tea bags to make life easier for me. I don't have the patience for the oil, though one day I will try it.

Unknown said...

@NaturalBlackOne....So do I ! it's a major staple of mine.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by NBO, take care :))

Bush Beauty said...


Unknown said...

@Bush Beauty...great! Keep us posted.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by Bush Beauty, take care.

Anonymous said...

I adore herbal sprays - they really are a curly girl's best friend.

Unknown said...

@Care4Curls...Yes they really are :))

Thanks a bunch for stoping by, take care.