Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hey there Fellow Fabulous Naturals!

I has everyone been since my last post here @AuNaturale.  I hope Everyone is doing well.  I do apologize for the inconsistency as to posting here , but as I've shared before I was going to not be posting as much.  Just from time to time when I feel I have something hair related to share, sales, and product reviews.

As for my hair , I am very happy with the progress it's making.  At on point I was considering allowing my hair to grow.  But, I quickly realized how much I like shorter hair on me , how it compliments me and my style better, and how easy it is to handle.  So I then immediately, cut the sides and back shorter , while leaving the top and front .  I really like this look on me.  I am still doing my nightly GHE
(Green House Effect) routine with herb infused EVOO, with fabulous results.  I am still using the best DC ever used thus far the "luscious locks hair mask" by Karen's Body Beautiful.  I plan to give a few more of her products a go, very soon.  Stay tuned for reviews on those.  I am still using and very pleased with my gel mixture with the base being Eco Styler gel "pink" with the added ingredients of Aloe Vera, Olive oil, and jojoba oil.  My Qhemet Biologics Moringa Tree conditioning ghee as my leave in, And my aloe Vera and water spritz. Enjoying each phase of this journey.

As for other things in my life.  There has been lots of GREAT! changes in my life.  One's That I am very...very...very..excited about.  So good... I cant stop smiling as I type this post.  Change is good , ladies!. Sometimes, it takes a minute, but when it's your's your time.  And, When you feel it from your head to very bottom of your toes.  It's one worth smiling about!.  Let's just say I am very happy , and beginning to know and actually feel myself worth....It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood ! (LOL)

My health is good!..I am exercising daily.  Sometimes I run...sometimes I walk...Sometimes I workout with a video.  But, which ever I chose that day, the point is to keep it moving.  It's good for the body, mind and soul...It really is.  Iam truly grateful for where Allaah has brought me , and what he has brought me out of....which was darkness.  There is simply to much to live for...just to much room for darkness.

My children are exceling , healthy, happy and well !. My oldest Daughter is focused, and college bound.  Sending of for her college info,doing well in school taking college prep courses...  She is 14 , there are many other vices she could be mixed up in at her age , boys, drugs, skipping school, running away, being disregardful, pregnant, this list could go on and on (lol).  But, she is just the very oposite. Shes is thinking of becoming a Doctor, a Muslim one at that. Shes is still deciding exactly which type of doctor she wants to become, but she an idea.

My middle daughter, has made the merit role and was student of the month!. She is a veeery hard worker, and very focused.  She shared her goals with me before the beginning of the school year and, thus far she has reached those goals and beyond! ,  a possible lawyer here, or a teacher.

My youngest doing very well. She has a vast vocabulary for her age of 6, very bright young lady.  Another doctor here.

And My boys...My oldest son, made star student out of his entire grade , they pick one girl and one boy.  Very bright very interested in science and animals.  Thinking of becoming an veterinarian.  My youngest son is in 4th grade and reading on a 8th grade reading level.  And he made merit roll! He is thinking of becoming a judge.

All I ask is for my children to have direction and goals....AT ALL TIMES. So you see there is soooo much for me to be excited about in my life.  That it takes up all the room..and leaves no room for darkness.

Thanks for reading , and as I continue to smile.......remember to stay....Naturally Fabulius!:))))



ChocolateOrchid said...

So happy for you! You made my day by sharing your wonderful news.

Wishing you continued blessings.

Unknown said...

@Chocolate Orchid...Thanks!:))

And thanks for stopping by CO, take care.

Coilybella said...

Awesome Awesome. So happy for you Zainab.

Unknown said...

@coilybella...thanks Tinuke,..and thanks or stopping by Tinuke, take care.

Anonymous said...

I can sense your joy and excitement, I pray they continue on the same path. I have two little boys and pray they keep up striving to attain the best of this world and the hereafter.

Unknown said...


Thanks for stopping by Anonymous, take care :))

nappy headed black girl said...

Your children sound wonderful, and I'm glad you're in a place of peace and prosperity.

But what's the "change" you alluded to that has you smiling so big? Spill the beans, sis :-)

Unknown said...

@Nappyheadedblackgirl..Thanks kay! far as the change, relastionship changes , life changes, etc...all of these make me smile.

Thanks for stopping by kay, take care:))

Tiffany said...

When u read and feel positivity u can feel it. It made me smile! I must say it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood made me chuckle! I too have realized that those dark times are temporary and help us to appreciate the sunshine.

Unknown said...

@ Tiffany...yes indeed!...and guess what... I'm still smiling (Lol)

Thanks for stopping by tifanny , take care :))

Atiya_BK_Chick said...

So happy to hear happy news! I haven't been lurking around in a while but glad to hear you're doing well!

Unknown said...

@NBO...Thanks!...So glad too hear from you!:)))

Thanks for stopping by NBO, take care :))