Friday, October 7, 2011


Hello Fabulous Fellow Naturals!

I hope everyone is doing well, since my last post here @ AuNaturale.  First let me start with the picture this the cutest thing ever or what! I got a kick out of this picture  !(lol).

In Addition to the cutest picture ever , above.  I just wanted to share with you ladies Curlmart is currently running a 15 % off sale store wide from now through October 10 Th.  Upon checkout simply use coupon  code : CURLY 15. In which you can find here I love a sale in fact that's when I try my best to by my hair products, whether its a small sale or a large sale...every little bit helps.

Also, For my KBB  ( Karen body beautiful ) fans out there be sure to check her site. KBB's products are a bit pricey but I am finding to be well worth every single penny especially my holy grail DC "Luscious Locs Hair Mask".  I plan to buy her leave- in conditioners and her butters very soon .  Once I do look out for a review on those products.  For those who are interested in her products she is always running weekly specials, again because of her prices this is when I buy from her.  Now, on Wednesday's she has what she calls a "Flash Sale" where you spend $25.00 and get a free " Luscious Locs Hair Mask"  not to mention that $2.95 shipping she offers which I think is fabulous!

Here's the catcher yesterday  which was not Wednesday.....but Thursday she was still  running her flash sale on the LLHM.  I brought another jar of the 'Luscious Locks Hair Mask " and got one for free @ $25.00 a jar. I thought that was great.  

Now, if you go to her site today ( Friday) that very same sale is still being promoted ( even though it's normally done on Wednesday's) .  Sooooo, ladies if your looking to treat yourself to something nice, go on over and pay KBB a visit in which you can find here

Thanks for stopping by ladies!...and remember to stay Naturally Fabulous!

Have a great weekend, take care :))

update :

It seems KBB has since updated her site to her Friday freebie.  Which in my opinion is yet another fabulous deal!.  This one is when I will be placing my orders for the other products I want to try from her, godwilling.


ChocolateOrchid said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this news!
And yes, that pic is so adorable.

ms.composure said...

LOVING the pic if the two little kids...and i got paid today so i def love this discount!

Unknown said...

@ms.composure...isn't it cute!.

Thanks for stopping by ms.composure, take care and have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

@Chocolate are quite welcome!
Thanks for stopping by CO, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND , TAKE CARE :))

Tiffany said...

I saw that picture on Friday and couldn't comment from work, love it!

Unknown said...

@Tiffany...Isn't it adorable!!

Thanks for stopping by tiffany, take care :))