Friday, September 24, 2010


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Many of you may not know , but I am from NJ and have been a resident of NJ all of my life (Atlantic county).  The Atlantic county women's center for Domestic Violence in Atlantic county is in desperate need of our help the center is in need of lots of repairs and renovation.  The best part is all you have to do is, vote , vote....if the ACWC gets enough vote they will then have a chance at receiving 250 thousand dollars that can be used in helping to renovate the ACWC.  Below I will post the article along with the link....


Over the last 35 years, the Atlantic County Women's Center has been a beacon of light for thousands who have needed to find solace in the midst of despair after being involved in a domestic violence situation.

For many whose circumstances were so extreme, staying at the center's private shelter has meant the difference between life and death, but three and a half decades have their toll on the shelter itself and now the center is asking for your help in hopes that Pepsi will help pay the way for them to continue to offer a place that displaced families can be proud to call their temporary home.

Since 1975 the center has worked to empower women physically, emotionally, socially and financially...four factors that are severely compromised for those victimized by domestic violence, but for many, hope has been found in the center's shelter, which is in dire need of repair according to the center's Coordinator of Community Initiatives, Erin O'Hanlon.

35 years of families coming through there we've supported...35 years of children and we've really just outgrown it. We really need to renovate it."

From limited storage to cramped bedrooms and kitchen counters that are not wheelchair accessible, O'Hanlon says it's unable to provide the level of care that these families deserve.

There's nothing worse than coming to a residential area and you're coming from a domestic violence situation and now you can't care for your children."

Which is why the center is turning to the Pepsi refresh project, a national campaign to help promote America's ideas to better the community. If enough people vote for this video, the center stands to make 250 thousand dollars to help renovate the shelter, but they need your help to do it.

"People can vote everyday," O'Hanlon says. "They can vote online with any email they have. They can text it in and we're looking for people to be able to put the Facebook application in as well and download that and get as many friends and supportive people involved as possible."

Organizers say it's not just a win for them, with each vote you have the chance to help victimized families find solace in the center's safe haven.

We want to make this as much of a home as we possibly can."

To cast your vote go to Voting ends on September 30th.



Chayah said...

voted. :) or at least i hope i did. i had to search for it, then when i clicked the link to vote for it it took me to register and i did but it never confirmed the vote and i can't seem to find it again. hoping my vote was counted.

Unknown said...

@Vee...thanks so much! :))

Yes, it did the same to me and then Somehow I was able to verify my vote it seemed when I tryed to do it again being un sure if 1st vote went through it was then that it stated I had voted. If you want to try again, ...go to the top where it says "vote for" $250,00..once on that page you should see the cause in bright yellow color saying : A place for us Atlantic county womans center:

Hope this helps..and again thanks vee for supporting this very important cause :)

Take care.

Tiffany said...

done. and it took me a minute. but if you search atlantic it brings it right up. good luck good luck good luck!

Unknown said...

@Tiffany...thanks so much! yes , it took me a minute as well...but thankfully I got it done...thanks:)

Take care.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Hey Zainab1!

I just voted for the center. Thanks for letting us know about this.


Unknown said...

@ChocolateOrchid....Thanks so much CO, I know it will be appreciated..thanks a bunch for stopping by, take care.