Monday, September 20, 2010


Hello fabulous naturals!

As most of you know I love my hair recipes.  In, fact I have quite a few. Made for different hair needs,  everything from oils , to hair rinses and all in between :)

My question to you ladies is you have a favorite hair recipe ? .  If so share it with us here at AuNaturale
We would love to hear from you !



Chayah said...

I don't have alot of mixtures but out of the few that I have my fav is the super simple acv rinse. My dtr and I both are always amazed how our hair feels after we use it.

Unknown said...

@Vee...thats great thanks so much for sharing, take care:)

Napfrocurlzgirl said...

This is my favorite for sealing. It's light enough to use everday.

Unknown said...

@Napfrocurlzgirl...this sounds great:)

Thanks so much for sharing , take care.

Tiffany said...

good idea!! I'm luvn Moes shealoe recipe right now - i was just watched a video (glamazini - for sheacoco - an oily mix i think that might work for the winter...

mangomadness said...

DC mix:
- 1/3 can coconut milk
-2 tbsp honey
-1 tbsp EVCO
-1 tbsp EVOO

Mix together, apply to hair and don a plastic cap. DC for as long as you like. Rinse and enjoy soft, well-moisturized hair.

-1 part water
-1 part aloe vera gel
-1 squirt honey

Mix together in spray bottle. Apply to hair as needed.

-1 part shea butter
-3/4 part aloe vera gel
-1 tbsp honey

Soften shea butter in microwave(Don’t melt it!). Whip with aloe vea gel and then honey. Use to seal in moisture or to style.

Unknown said... glad you found something. I will also check that out!

Thanks for stopping by, take care:)

Unknown said...

@Mangomadness...these are great! thanks so much for taking the time and sharing these w/ AuNaturale.

Thanks for stopping by, take care.