Tuesday, August 11, 2009


1.  Not being altered by other people's perception of me.
2.  That it is not a political statement.  It just is what it is.
3.  Loving my texture, without it being changed due to chemicals.
4.  That it takes less time to do my natural hair.
5.  That I can shower , shower cap free.
6.  That I can survive without chemicals.
7.  I am no longer afraid of the rain.  Even though I wear Hijab ( head covering) when going out in public.
8.  That I can wash and go.
9.  That I feel sexy, confident and free!
10.  That I know I deserve to feel natural and beautiful.
11.  I loooove the versatility.

What about you what do love about being Natural? 


malizea said...

That's so truee being natural is just the best thing I did! It's just me! What I love about being natural is the volume! with chemical product is just ssoooo flat sooooo well unnatural!

Unknown said...

As salaamu alaikum Malizea, yes sister I tell you, I sooo enjoy being natural, and the volume is amazing , this is soooo true. Thank you sister for stoping by I really love hearing from you on both of my blog's. As salaamu alaikum ( followed by a warm hug and a smile).

♥ CG ♥ said...

Ditto for me. I realized today that I actually look forward to doing my hair...truly amazing :-).

RefurbishedLover said...

I love the fact that for once I can say that I truly love my is like I really never have a bad hair day unless an experiment goes wrong. Yet, it can be fixed with a water bottle and some glycerin!

Samina said...

As Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah,
What I love about being natural the most is that I am appreciating what Allaah has created. I know that many muslimah can relate b/c growing up many of us were trained to seperate the many textues of afro-texured hair into 2 groups only (good hair and bad) and ignorant to the fact that there is nothing ugly of what Allaah created of us. I cannot express enough this point. I may not go into detail about my hairtype publicly (forgive me) but I will say, that i love being one who appreciates the natural texture of her hair and also being chemically-free. Jazakallaahu Khair for allowing me to share here.

Unknown said...

Walaikum salaam samina , yes this is soooooooo true I couldnt agree more all that is created from Allah ( SWT) is of pure , unfiltered beauty, Alhamdulliah. Shukrn ( thank you ) ukhti( my sister) for sharing.
As salaamu alaikum ( smile)

Unknown said...

curvygirl ; yes, this is so exciting , I'm with you I to look forward to doing my hair daily, its so versitile.

Journey to natural: Loving our hair is important , because we usually have a tendency to take some sence of pride and take care of what we love , you know. I totally understand your feeling.

ladies thank so much for stopping by , please do so often. I would love to hear from you. ( smile)

Lucky said...

I know I'm reaching back into August 2009, but I just have to say this!

I love the fact that my hair is in the shape of a helix (tightly spiraled). No other race of people can say this.

My hair doesn't just hang down, my hair grows in all directions.

I have never picked up a bottle of volumizer and I'll never have to.

I honor the fact that I am wearing the hair that my Creator blessed me with. I know that I will NEVER put another weave or relaxer in my hair ever again! Wearing such things is like stripping the dignity and identity from a human being and turning her into a slave. No thank you.

Although I prefer my kinky 4b, I know that my hair can go from kinky to curly to straight and back to kinky again if I desire (but no thanks, nothing but the kinky hair for me!)

Instead of water being my hair's enemy, it is now my hair's best friend.

Thank you for allowing me to say this, zainab1. It is refreshing to the mind and the soul!

Peace be with you my Sister!

Unknown said...

@Lucky...I like you! are the real deal....I love all that you wrote here. You know when you hear others say ( even myself at times, lol) "I know thats right"..Well, I say "I know thats right, sister" ( lol)

Thanks again my fellow fabulous natural for stopping by , take care and peace be with you as well.

Lucky said...

I really like you too, Sis! That's why I have been coming to this great blog every single day. This blog is the TRUTH!

Like I said before, continue to keep it "one-hundred" with us. That's part of what got me hooked!!

Unknown said...

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