Sunday, August 9, 2009

MY FAV'S....

Hey ladies, since becoming an  AuNaturale I have slighty become a bit of a product junkie ( LOL).  I have also decided to shop at my local beauty supply stores to find my hair products oppose to buying on line.   Which has allowed me to find products that works great on my hair while saving a buck, buying less expensive products that my hair loves.  Buy doing so I've realized that I dont necessarily have to buy a very , very expensive products in order to have healthy hair.  Below, I listed a few of my fav's ( thus far) I'm sure I will be adding to the list( smile).


1.  Kiwi & Citrus Ultra Moisturizing shampoo by Creme of Nature.  ( when needed)
2.  VO5 Moisture Milks Moisturizing conditioner Strawberries & cream ( for co- washes 1-2 x a week)
3.  Lustrasilk Shea Butter Cholesterol Plus ( for deep conditioners)
4.  Cantu Shea Butter Leave in conditioning repair cream ( every day or every other day )
5.  Organic Root Stimulator Hair Fertilizer ( 1-3 x a week , or when ever needed)
6.  X-tra Virgin Olive Oil  ( for pre- washes, and hot oil treatments when ever needed)
7.  Mega Care Olive Oil ( daily)
8.  Spray Bottle mixed with water and Mega Care Olive Oil ( daily)
9.  Satin Scarf


1.  Shea Butter or coconut shampoo by organix
2.  Organic Root Stimular olive oil
3.  Raw Shea Butter

I really love the products mentioned above in my ( fav's) .  They work really well in my hair, however there are a few I cant wait to try( mentioned above) .  Once I put these products to the test I will definitly let you ladies know the out come .   Enjoy!


Samina said...

As Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah,
I love this post! Boy I sure do wish I had such a variety in our stores here (uae). I have seen a wide variety of V05, there is a place in Dubai called "star beauty" where I've found the full line of "Organics" products by African Best and Le Klair cholesterol conditioner. But the best thing I have ever used in my hair was pure african shea butter (cant find a drop here, can you believe it...crazy)!
Well, this is what works best for me now:
-Steam (want to invest in a steamer, but for now I use towels in very hot water over a plastic cap)
-3 parts of Pure coconut oil mixed w/1part honey I make and pour into an old hair grease jar I recycled (as I retwist daily)
-Fructis leave in conditioner by garnier (as I retwist daily-works great but too perfumey may be making one of my own)
-my spray bottle of plain filtered water (must keep that moisture sealed in lol)
I'm straight for now, but would love to try Infusium23 they dont sell it here and its so expensive to buy online and have them shipped. But I'm checking into it. Sorry for the long response (you'll be seeing me say this alot lol)
Barakallaahu Feekum

Unknown said...

Walaikum salaam , yes samina I just was put on to adding honey to our products one sister said she would add it to her no poos, as well as adding it to our oils for pre washes or hot oil treatments its said to be a added xtra great moisture for our hair . Thanks a bunch for sharing your tips. I to use le klair shea butter cholesterol I love it! yes the pure shea butter I will surely getting some this week , Insha Allah . Excitied to try on my hair , I've heard so much about the great results. As salaamu alaikum.