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Removing buildup on hair

Natural clarifying shampoo is a must for us naturally curly women who use a lot of hair care products on a daily basis. Getting rid of buildup in your hair no matter what your hair type is essential for keeping clean fresh looks for your hairstyles. Clarifying shampoos and rinses that clean and remove buildup from styling products, smog, smoke or dust or gels and moisterizers.

Why shampoos can be bad for your hair

Some shampoos have chemicals that can be drying to your hair stripping it of its natural elements, especially color treated hair. If you are not careful in picking an affordable all natural shampoo. You will find that some of the best products are ones you will find in your own kitchen cabinets, such as baking soda, apple cider vinegar, green tea, lemon, a natural homemade beauty remedy for clarifying cleansing your scalp and hair, can help to condition hair with lavender vinegar by adding a essential oil to the herbal vinegar hair rinse you can use lavender buds with the apple cider vinegar mixture.

Homemade natural conditioner

It will allow the acidity from the vinegar to remove silicones, excess oils and glycerin found in soap shampoo bars from your hair. When you add fresh herbs such as calendula petals, chamomile, lavender buds, rosemary, parsley and rose hips to the vinegar you will have a nice fragrance as well as a method for promoting hair growth.

Clarifying no shampoo routine

Natural clarifying with the no-poo method is gaining popularity among women who have decided to wear their hair natural, its a lifestyle and a movement of ways to better take care of our hair naturally without a lot of damaging cleansing products. No matter what your hair type you will find that this process will save your hair from getting dried out, tangled or feeling brittle which is usually the results after washing your hair with regular shampoos.

Washing your hair without shampoo

The fact of the matter if you are a curly head shampoo is not something you should be using anyway, that is in the traditional sense, you can create a natural shampoo and rinse that actually adds hair vitamins and softens the hair. So many are opting to cleanse their hair with conditioner instead, by washing your hair with conditioner you will notice a difference in your hair afterwards this is called a conditioner wash or co-wash.

Conditioners for co-wash

Some recommended hair care products include suave for its light hair conditioners. The best way to do this is to soak your hair really good and use a small amount of conditioner and gently massage into your hair and while concentrating on your scalp you will remove all excess dirt and buildup as you rinse with cool water and then remove excess water by scrutching the hair and avoiding drying your hair with a towel because this will cause you to experience drying of your hair as well.

List of Conditioners for your natural alternative Shampoo Rinse

The following are conditioners or organic shampoos that have natural ingredients, natural products for less drying of your hair.

Aveda Curessence Conditioner

Pantene Pro-V Hydrating Curls

Suave Tropical Coconut

Desert Essence Organic

Avalon Organics

There are many more products available the best thing is to look for hair care products that will work for you and your hair type.


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thnx for the information sister.

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Unknown said...

gwendolen : your welcome & thanks for stopping by , please do so often (smiles)

ReformationOfBeauty said...

Have you ever used Shea Moisture: Moisture Retention Shampoo???? I'm currently using it as a newly natural(big chop a week ago) and I love it.....My plans are to use it once a week depending on how much of my shea butter mixtures I use those are the only products I use that would cause build up...

I really enjoy your blog and the info you share

Most Truly

Beautiful Truth

Unknown said...

@beautiful truth...Big congrats to you on your big chop!!!:)). Thats exciting. No, in fact I have yet to try any of the shea moisture line, I have heard great things about this line its quite popular within the natural community. I plan to give a try in the near future.

So, glad to hear you enjoy my blog. I appreciate that. Thanks a bunch for stopping by, stop by often. Take care.

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