Monday, August 17, 2009


Hey ladies, After being inform about the greatness of listerine for more than just being used as a mouth wash. It is also great for itchy scalps, and dandruff. Who knew? I really didn't know of this until a really good friend of mine , my girl over at informed me of such. Check her out for all of you ladies who sew and love to sew she has a wonderful site there which is very beneficial , helpful, and is full of really great tips. It's amazing all that's available for our AuNaturales ( smile). Here I've posted a little about the use of listerine for our AuNaturale's. Enjoy!!!!

Did you know that Listerine can do more than give you fresh breath? In fact, decades ago Listerine was even advertised for dandruff. Though it’s no longer advertised for dandruff, you can still stop dandruff with Listerine. Here’s how:

1. Get your hair wet. Most people use this remedy in the shower, but you can simply get your hair wet before using the Listerine.

2. Pour Listerine onto your scalp and massage. Pour a good measure of undiluted Listerine or a generic mouthwash onto your scalp, and massage thoroughly. The original formula Listerine is said to work the best. Massage for at least 30 seconds, tipping your head back so that the mouthwash does not get into your eyes. Listerine should essentially be used like you would use shampoo. Concentrate on rubbing it into your scalp rather than your hair, since the dandruff does not come from the body or ends of your hair. Do not apply if you have broken skin, such as a cut on your head, because the alcohol in Listerine will make it sting.

3. Rinse it out. For best results, wait at least fifteen minutes before rinsing, although it will likely be effective even if you massage it into the scalp and then rinse it right out. Rinse your hair in the shower or sink, and make sure that the Listerine is completely out of your hair.

4. Use shampoo. Most people use Listerine on their scalp in the shower before they have used shampoo on their hair. The shampoo will remove any Listerine residue from the hair and also take care of the mouthwash smell that is usually left behind.Repeat the process. Listerine should be applied to the scalp every day for a week. At the end of the week, your dandruff should be drastically reduced, or even gone altogether. If you start to see signs of dandruff again, simply use more Listerine.

The antiseptic properties and essential oils in Listerine help to kill the fungus that is often the cause of dandruff. Many people also find that it is effective against itchy and flaky scalps without dandruff-causing fungi. This home remedy has been used for years to fight dandruff, and is also effective against toenail fungus and a range of other conditions. This effective treatment is much less expensive than expensive dandruff shampoos. In fact, many people swear that it is even more effective than special shampoos.


Samina said...

Jazakallaahu Khair for mentioning my site, great post and good info.

Ya know, I never thought to apply the Listerine before shampooing, I bet that will be even more effective for my itchy scalp, but using it has really saved me from itchy scalp and it feels great.