Monday, December 6, 2010


Good morning fabulous fellow naturals!

I hope every one had a positive and productive weekend :)  In my last post I talked about that evil luster silk olive oil cholesterol ( lol) and that it contain parabens, a major strike against that product or many of the other products that contain parabens.  I am working extremely hard to be a family free of parabens.  Some of you may be unaware of the dangers that this particular ingredient may cause toward our health.  So, I've decided to post to talk  a little about the dangers as well as provide a great link that will go further.  So, lets begin:

The dangers of parabens are that are likely to cause cancer.  Making sure to choose the right hair and skin care products is a great start for you and your family.  There are loads of cosmetic companies who are very well aware of the dangers of parabens.  The fact of the matter is that many may not care much why...well, because some of us continue to buy them and they continue to get rich.  This is why , ladies it is so very important that we continue to educate ourselves.

Parabens are a preservative added to skin and some hair care products to give them longer shelf life.  These preservatives are called carcinogens. Which is a potential cancer causing agent.  Any and all ingredient in your hair and or skin care product called Methyl, ethyl,  butyl, or propyl paraben.  Really should be avoided under all circumstances !

The potential danger of causing cancer certainly doesn't stop there.  Parabens are also known to cause skin irritations, skin rashes, etc.  As most of us are all aware that the best hair and skin care products are products that DO NOT contain , parabens, mineral oils, etc.

Lastly, ladies please be sure to all of your skin and hair care ingredients.  And try to choose the ones who are if not 100% natural.... very close to being 100% natural.

Here is a link that will go further on the dangers of parabens

Thanks for reading ! and remember to stay ...naturally fabulous.

                                                           TAKE CARE :) 


ChocolateOrchid said...

Great educative post!! And you're right. We need to educate ourselves about all things.

Unknown said...

@Chocolate orchid..Thanks!

Thanks for stopping by CO, TAKE CARE.

Coilybella said...

This is such a great post. Thanks for the reminder!!!daria

Unknown said...

@Tinuke..sure thing. Thanks for stopping by Tinuke, take care.