Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hello fabulous fellow naturals!

I am one who changes my hair's fun! I've always been this way.  I get bored quite easily and with the quickness will do something else different to my hair.  No......not so much with color I know some ladies like to play around with different colors.  But, with hair cuts and hair styles.  I just recently shaved my sides, and ladies let me tell you I am in looove its suuuuper easy.  Just, imagine all you have to cater to is the top and very front of your hair...awesome!

I am now thinking what Will be next for me and my tresses.  What I do know is it will more than likely be a short cut, maybe?  currently I'm entertaining the idea of a second big chop! I love the way that sounds :)) its exciting!.  Maybe a Cesar , but what I would really like to do is a ......baldie!!!!... yes a baldie! I looove that look.... its fierce. And, the best part about rocking either of the two mentioned above is that you can make it where you don't look masculine what so ever.  You can be just as... fierce and sharp looking just like a fabulous fierce feminine women!

I know some may read this and think is this sister crazy.  NO NOT AT ALL, I march to the  beat of my very own drum.  I'm not hung up on what people may think of me for doing so or even the looks I may get.  Believe me I'm used to getting strange looks its been happening for years.  It's not because I'm strange at all , just because I'm different.  For years, I didn't dress like the average sister ( as some of you may know I'm a Muslim women) So stares come from that alone.  But, moving on this post is not about that. 

I am really enjoying coming full circle...letting go...once again feeling free and not being bothered with the norm.  Being a individual ( religious and all) .  So, ladies maybe by the summer I may be rocking a fierce Cesar or a baldie , but I know I'm looking to do another big chop.  What about you ladies have you ever considered doing a second, third or even fourth big chop ...just for the hell of it?

Thanks for reading ladies! remember to always stay true to who you are.  And stay naturally....fabulous!

                       TAKE CARE:)


ChocolateOrchid said...

Ooh, I love the idea of a Cesar cut or baldie! Both are so beautiful. For a minute, I was considering a Cesar. I'm certain I'll go for it one day. Give me a couple of years and I'm all in.

Btw, that pic is fierce! Lovin' her hair and ensemble!

Unknown said...

@Chocolate Orchid...yes girl! I am loving the idea myself, I am seriously considering going for it in a few months or so...or, hell maybe even sooner (LOL)

Isn't she sharp! I love her entire look also:))

Thanks a bunch for stopping by CO, take care.

Chayah said...

I love Caesar cuts wish I could wear one but I don't think I have the right shaped head lol. A few people close to me think I'm crazy for cutting my hair off into a bob but like you i don't care. Kudos to the sistas who march to the beat of their own drum! Wouldn't have it any other way.

Unknown said... very true indeed Vee, kudos to the sisters who march to beat of there own it!:)

Thanks for stopping by Vee, take care:)

nappy headed black girl said...

Absolutely. You already know I love short hair and I've considered chopping many times.

Let us know when you decide to chop again and how it feels. I've heard when your scalp os exposed like that it becomes very sensitive!

Unknown said...

@nappy headed black girl...I will surely keep you ladies posted:)

Thanks for stopping by NHBG, Take care:)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Do what makes you feel good! Funny because I was contemplating the same---big chop that is. I suppose because I never really had a TWA (I was a long-term transitioner) so I have been pondering chopping it all off as well! Who knows next week I could be on to something else but I agree with you....forget what people may say and just go for it!

Unknown said...'m the same way from time to time I may be onto something different, who knows. But, I do know for sure a big chop feeling is coming on...strong:) if I'll go for the baldie I dont know, short...for sure:)

Thanks for stopping by saasncurlz it was a pleasure hearing from you. Take care:)

Tiffany said...

wowzers! #1 - I had to google Cesar haircut. I never knew that cut was named a Cesar. #2. I do plan on a 2nd big chop, but I was thinking when I become gray...I will rock my tresses shorter. And gurl follow your heart, shoot, it's only hair!

Unknown said..., Thanks tiffany:) And as always thanks a bunch for stopping by. Take care:)

Coilybella said...

This is one of the reasons why I love reading your blog. I love when people are not afraid to be different. I love that ceasar cut, of course I had to google it too as I had no idea what a ceasar cut is. I tried to twist my hair once to have that ceasar effect.

Unknown said..., I do love the look of the ceasar, so glad you were able to find it on google:)

Thanks for stopping by Tinuke its always a pleasure hearing from you. Take care:)

NaturalReview said...

I have already done two chops, but I did the second one to cut off my locs. I think we shouldn't be afraid to do something different with out hair. I know that I will do a third BC one day.

Unknown said...

@NaturalReview...COOOOL! I am a huge fan of second and third BC's:))

Thanks for stopping by NaturalReview. Take care.