Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hello ladies!

This morning I was contacted by Fabiola the owner of Younikness a fabulous jewerly and accessory store. She will be conducting a great giveaway for the holidays.  My family and I do not celebrate Christmas, but I know many of you do.  So, here a wonderful chance to win something fabulous for yourself, a family member or a friend.  Here is what the owner of younikness says:

It’s the season to be jolly, laugh, have fun, open gifts on Christmas day and enjoy the precious time with the family. Since Christmas is my favorite holiday. I will be doing a Christmas give away ; ).Not one but 2 giveaways .I will randomly pick 2 names from the comment boxes below

What do I need to do to participate?

Please follow @younikness on twitter, be a friend or a fan on Facebook. Also follow or subscribe this Blog.

Simply leave a comment about what is your favorite thing(s) to do during the Christmas holiday or your favorite family traditions.

And visit the store at and pick 4 of your favorite items and list the names of the items after your comment.

 As a Christmas gift if you are the winner (2)you will receive 2 out of the 4 items that you picked. Have fun!!

The Christmas giveaway starts today the 14th of December 2010 and will end on the 22 of December

In order for you to participate you must be 18 and up. This is open to the world lol!!!

Thanks Fabiola, what a great giveaway!

Go on over ladies what are you wanting for, you must check out what Younikness has to offer..... you wont be sorry! and let the comments ...begin!!!!! (LOL)


Afropean Queen said...

hi, I don't have twitter but I did like the facebook page. My fav thing to do on Christmas is to cook in the kichen with my sister and mother for our family.There is nothing greater than the love you shared at Christmas time. Also we play secret Santa and only spend about 200 bucks per gift.
-I love the Mama Africa en noir earrings they are truly gorgeous,
-yellow feather is so pretty,
-broken tear is a wonderful piece,
- capture me is beautiful,

Have a wonderful festive season!!!!!

Food.Love.Art said...

The usual Christmas tradition would be decorating the house & putting up the tree with my father. We would have the house lighted up with white Christmas lights blinking to the tunes of classic Christmas songs and the inside would be a Christmas wonderland with our family artificial Christmas tree we had since I was little. Also we would decorate with a touch of small decorations such as fake snow, "Santa's ski lodge" around the tree and lots of green wreaths wrapped around the stair railings. While mom would be in the kitchen cooking or admiring our work, me and my father would have a ball laughing and enjoying our "father and daughter" moment. Now that he has past this January, there are no more traditions because it feels empty and different without the sounds of his laughter and our bonding time. However, since this will be me and my mother's first Christmas without him, we will hold on to the memories as well as try to decorate the house close to the way it use to be.

My favorite eye catchers:
Red Tutu (earrings)
La Reine (earrings)
Orange Flow (earrings)
Souki (hair)

This is an AWESOME giva-a-way! Younikness is something I must DEFINITELY keep my eye on and spread the word.

Kira Rana said...

I love Christmas time my favorite things to do during Christmas is to listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies. Just being with my family is the best part of Christmas.
I am now a follower of younikness on twitter.

I love the website everything really cute.

*Love the red Accent earrings
*Black power earrings
*Fall Away

Chayah said...

Awesome! My fav thing to do during the holidays is get together with my family. A guaranteed great time.

There were some gorgeous items over at younikness. My fav were the earrings so with that said my fav four items are 1. grey cloud, 2.fall away, 3.capture me, and dott.

ChocolateOrchid said...

My favorite Christmas past
time is to simply hang with my family. It feels good to spend relaxed time with eachother and just be.

I followed Younikness on twitter and liked their FB page. I'm also a follower of your blog.

The 4 lovely pieces I choose are:
Grey Cloud earrings
Free Your Mind earrings
Black Piper earrings
Tight Rope earrings

CurlyChellez said...

My favorite part of Christmas is watching my family open up the gifts I got them and being really suprised and excited about their gift. I also love listening to Christmas music by The Temptations, Jackson 5, etc.And also eating Pepperpot (a Guyanese dish that my grandma only cooks on Christmas).

The items I like are:
1. Ma Jolie

2. Ma Cherie Amour

3. Purple Orchid

4. The Leader

BTW, I "liked" the Facebook page and followed them on Twitter

dopeCurlz said...

I follow Younikness on twitter.

My favorite things to do during the Christmas holiday is reflect and show gratitude. I reflect on the lessons and experiences I have encountered throughout the year and show gratitude to God for showing me the way and strength to get through. I know HE has my best interest at heart, so I never question him and just in return be thankful. I love decorating my Christmas tree with the ornaments my family and I have collected throughout the years. I love indulging in the big Caribbean feast we always seem to cook up in the kitchen. I love the spirit of Christmas by listening to Reggae Christmas carols that my father loves to play.

Four items that are my fave from the website are:

Leopard Bow
Grey Cloud
The Leader


Tiffany said...

Thanks so much for the chance, here are my favs: blue spark, blue dott, (luvn the blues)...mama africa en noir, black night. I don't do twitter or fb at the moment. But I did share on my blog :)

Tiffany said...

Oh, my family doesn't exchange gifts for Christmas however we do have a tradition. We spend the day at the movies and we chat with each other over a big seafood dinner. Good times.

Creatively Analytic said...

Found my way here via Chocolate Orchid (thanks for sharing!)

My favorite thing to do during the Christmas holiday is to reflect on the year, give thanks for everything, and set goals for the upcoming year.

Picking 4 is hard, but I'll go with: Red Accent earrings, Fleur Tropical earrings, Red Tutu earrings, and Broken Tear earrings.

Coilybella said...


four items that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE from the website
green leaf earrings
pink bubbly haircomb
cafe au latte hair comb
Tight rope earings

Daphne said...

We have a family tradition that began more than 30 yrs ago, the family gets together every Christmas Eve and we have dinner at midnight and open all the gifts there after. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday just because the entire family gets together. As the family is getting larger, now we have the grandkids that are enjoying the evening. It's wonderful to see!

I already follow this blog - it's amazing, and very informative. I now follow Younikness on facebook and twitter.

My four favorite items are:
Full Moon
Pink Bubbly
Red Accent
Low Drop

Thanks and can't wait to hear who wins!

pianoartist18 said...

My favorite things to do during Christmas: eat, relax, and spend time with my small family :)
There are some gorgeous pieces of jewelry on the site. My favorite four are:
Curlie Sue
Fleur Tropical
Blue Spark

Shawnystheone said...

Im here!

My favorite thing to do during the holidays is be around my son. Each year as it comes to an end he seems to find the wonder of Christmas, Eggnog and snow enchanting all over again , like its a brand new event. I love to see his smile as he opens his gifts and gives hugs to his nana. It makes thankful that he knows his mom loves his no matter what the year held. He can feel the happiness as we point out different houses with great lights or someone throwing a snowball.

Curlie Sue

Dee said...

I don't celebrate Christmas,but I can tell you what my favorite family tradition is. More than a couple times a year, my family gets together to keep our ties strong. We prepare a variety of dishes to eat, and laugh all night listening to everyone's hilarious stories. There's also a lot of history shared by our elders.
1.Ma Cherie Amour
2.Ma Jolie
3.Curlie Sue
4.White Target

Fabiola B said...

Good morning ladies!!! I had fun reading about your family traditions and your favorite things to do during the holidays.
Thank you to you all who entered the Younikness Christmas Give away.Thank you for the nice comments and thank you to Aunatural for posting it on her Blog.
Good Luck to you all and I wish you all a Happy and Merry Christmas. !!!!
Fabiola B