Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hello...Hello! fabulous fellow naturals

Just wanted to give a quick update on my hair since wearing it straight via roller set and silk wrap.  I am happy to report it has held up GREAT!.  This style lasted for a full week or so, was just as easy to maintain as my fro.  Held great moisture, and held its own in not reverting and no shedding!!! I have had no or extremely little shedding.  I plan to wear my hair this way for a few more weeks, I am really enjoying the versatility and idea of being able to do both...rock the fro..and rock a roller set.  But, the best part is no direct heat...AWESOME!  My entire hair regimen is the same on wash days nothing has changed.  Which would include no manipulation, I pin curl at night adding a bit of oil or cream to the ends of my hair. Add a bit of oil of choice to my hair in the morning ( when needed) and go.  Make sure not to use any water based cream's on your hair during this time your hair may very well revert.   Today is wash day for my girls as well as myself and I am pre-pooing this very moment as I type.  Once done with my wash & deep conditioning regimen, I plan to repeat the entire roller set process all over again.   I have a few natural setting lotion like products I will be placing a order for to see how my hair turns out using one of them.  And they are:

1.  Afrikoko silky hair lotion - by my honey child-

2.  Wrap and Roll- by Jane carters solution- 

Stay tuned for the review.  Below I will post two links to sites which gave pretty good details in the process for those who maybe interested in trying a roller set on natural hair.  Remember, you can add and ulter your products to your liking ( some of the products in both links are not what I would particularly use )  But, the idea is there.

 And, please ladies if you should try this at any time during your natural hair journey.  Try very hard NOT to use any direct heat WHAT SO EVER, only a hooded dryer is need, and that should not be used on high super hot heat.  

Please DON'T  believe that this style can not be achieved without using heat.  I am here to tell you it CAN ! true indeed we all have different textures of hair.  But, from my experience it can be done :))

Thanks for reading ladies, and remember to stay.....naturally fabulous!

                                                                         TAKE CARE :) 


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for the info as a roller set is next on my list. I am like you I don't use nor plan to use heat on my hair so this is right up my alley. ;o)

Unknown said...

@Sassncurlz...Yes...heat= no good:)
I am really liking my roller set. Try it see how it go's, keep me posted on your results.

Thanks for stopping by, take care.

Daphne said...

Thanks for this info. I can't wait to do a roller set on my hair, but waiting to give birth first...trying to reach the back of my hair with this big belly is not working!

Unknown said...

Heeey daphne! ...I must say I am really enjoying my roller set. I've been wearing it in a roller set style for 2 weeks now, and staying within my hair regimen..its great!

I wish you well your baby arrival :)) Thanks for stopping by Daphne, take care.