Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hey there fabulous Fellow Naturals!

Today I bring you another great tip, from Chicoro.  One that many of our seasoned fabulous Naturals many already know, this may be just a reminder. not for get our  newly fabulous naturals, who may not know of these very helpful tips on water retention for our natural hair.  As we alllllllllll know water, is a must for natural hair, I have found the more water I use on my hair and in my products my hair seems to thrive...thrive ...thrive!.  Below I will share a bit on what Chicoro says about ways to get water into our hair:


The easiest way to water into your hair is to saturate or rinse your hair with water.  Warm water will penetrate your hair faster than colder water.  But, do not use water that is to hot!


Another way to infuse your hair with water is to steam your hair.  There are four methods or ways to steam your hair:
             A) Most Expensive- Buy a steamer.  Steamers add a steady stream of warm, vaporized water to
                  the hair. 
              B) Expensive- Purchase a hair dryer. Dryers use hot air and no water or moisture.  You can wet
                    your hair and place a plastic cap over it and sit under the dryer.  Or you can wet a towel under
                    hot running water, or heat a towel in the microwave.  Put in on your wet hair and sit under the
                     dryer.  Please be careful!

                C) Less Expensive- Purchase a heating cap.  Wet your hair and place the cap on top.

                 D) Not Expensive- Wet a towel place it in the microwave to warm it up, Place the towel on your
                      Then place a plastic cap over the towel.

                  E)  Cheap- Wet your hair and place plastic bag over your hair. Leave this on for 15 minutes or
                         over night.

3.  Use water based moisturizer- Use a water based moisturizer in your hair. you can use this during the week , and you can also use this while placing a plastic cap on top.

4.  Use Hygroscopic ingredients in your hair- Perform treatments on your hair by adding honey to your conditioners , amino acids or glycerin to your other products.

5.  Use protective styling- To help in holding onto moisture longer.  This will keep the hair moist and protected.

 There you have 5 ways to get water into your hair.  Many thanks to the fabulous Chicoro, for sharing these tips with the natural hair community. 

Thanks a bunch for stopping by, and remember to stay .....Naturally Fabulous!




nappy headed black girl said...

These are excellent tips.

Many naturals are former relaxed heads. "Water is the devil" was the mantra for many of us.

It takes some adjusting as natural heads to realize that water is indeed our friend.

I'd like to add one: Make sure you're actually sealing the moisture into your hair after you moisturize. Castor oil is a good one for that.

Unknown said...

@nappy headed black girl...yes it is!...thanks for the reminder:))

Thanks for stopping by Kay, take care :))

Kira Rana said...

Nice post..I love the cheap methods lol I always do the wet towel and put it under one of my works good for me

Unknown said...

@Kira Rana....Great , its the best when you try something and it works great:))

Thanks for stooping by Kira Rana, take care :))

Napfrocurlzgirl said...

Good to know I'm on the right track! In spring/summer, I do all but #5 on a weekly basis. I add #5 in fall/winter. I love my steamer!

Unknown said...

@Napfrocurlzgirl... That'sGreat!...I loved these tips they were great:))

Thanks for stopping by, Napfrocurlzgirl, take care :))