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I'd like to share with you an article in which I read from Naturally I love that site , it's loaded with tons of great informative article, tips and ideas for natural hair care.  In this particular article they speak about the pros and con's of washing your hair with hot and or cold water, great read.  Here is a bit of what was said:

Hot Water

PRO: Rinses Away Dirt and Oil

Hot water and steam naturally open the pores, which is great for exfoliating and removing the oil from your skin. If you have a very oily scalp, washing with hot water can be beneficial. Warm water allows the dirt and hair product that has accumulated on your scalp to escape the pores and be rinsed away. It’s especially important to cleanse your hair of all hair products for your next styling. Overall, warm water might be more beneficial for washing your hair.

CON: May Result in Overly Porous Hair

Aforementioned, hot water opens up the pores and the cuticle of your hair shaft. That being said, rinsing your hair with hot water too often can leave the hair overly porous, causing it to be dry and brittle. Unfortunately, hot water seems to be a double-edged sword. Just as hot water helps to rinse away oil and dirt, it also strips your hair of its natural oils. The sebaceous glands in your skin produce natural oils called “sebum” that are essential for your hair’s health. Sebum gives the hair shine and strength, both of which are vital for beautiful hair.

CON: Causes Frizz

Heat causes frizzy hair, and hot water is no exception. No matter what your hair type, the hair needs moisture to stay frizz free. Because hot water can strip the hair of natural oils, moisture escapes the hair shaft and results in frizz. If your hair is especially prone to frizz, you might want to turn off the hot water.

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Precious Henshaw said...

Very informative post!

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@Precious...I thought so too:))

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ChocolateOrchid said...

First things first, the updo loc style is BANGIN' in this photo! "BANGIN", I say!! Luv it!!

Secondly, this article is some really great information. Washing with hot water is two-sided. I've often thought about this. Thanks so much for sharing.

Unknown said...

@Chocolate't that hair, sharp!

Yes, I too felt the same about hot water. Thanks for stopping by CO, take care :))

Kira Rana said...

Great post..I always wash my hair with warmer water than condition with cooler water to close the pores (well thats what I learned from all these youtube videos) lol

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