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I hope everyone had a fabulous, yet productive weekend:)).  I was reading this article on the porosity of hair over @ naturally  I've read on this subject before, during a different time in my previous hair journey.  But, for some reason re-visiting this topic is better than the first time.  Here is a bit of what was said:

When it comes to porosity and its effects on curly hair styling, naturally curly consumers are well ahead of the curve. In the past few years, natural curlies have evolved home-grown styling techniques beyond those that only emphasize curl type to ones that include porosity and its impact on curly hair wearability.

Porosity – Its Highs and Lows

Porosity is all about water and how your hair absorbs it. All hair is porous, and curly hair is more porous than natural, uncolored straight hair.

Highly porous hair has a cuticle layer that is raised and open. The hair quickly absorbs moisture, but loses it just as fast. Very porous hair can absorb more than twice the amount of water and moisture than hair with normal or low porosity can. It loves rich, moisturizing conditioners that contain protein, and even takes to pure protein treatments well.

But the more porous your hair is, the more prone it is to lose tensile strength and to break when soaking wet. If oils, butters and silicone products are applied in the wrong order or amount, your hair can get weighed down from within and build up in the hair shaft make it bloated, limp and lifeless. With porous hair that’s relatively dry and lacks sufficient moisture in the shaft, when dewpoints rise, get ready for a frizz fest.

In hair with low porosity, the cuticle layer is more tightly closed. Hair is slower to absorb water and longer to release it, so low porosity hair holds moisture quite well. But with fewer surface openings for product to be absorbed into, build up on the hair’s surface can happen quickly. Too much conditioning and excessive stylers may coat the hair and rob it of its vitality and bounciness. Some styling products may even sit on your hair or create a white cast. And because there’s little margin for absorption on low porosity hair’s smooth surface, excessive or pure protein treatments may cause the crispy, straw-like feel of protein overload.

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Coilybella said...

Awesome post. This explains why my hair loves protein treatments(not aphogee though). My hair is quite porous.That's why I stay on top of moisturizing my hair. Thanks for posting this. This is very helpful!!!

Unknown said...

@Tinuke...Hey there Ms Tinuke:)) glad you found it helpful, it was for me as well.

Thanks for stopping by Tinuke, take care:))

Tiffany said...

I think this explains my daughters hair. FRIZZ FEST - OMGOODNESS, yes. I am getting better at managing it but her hair puzzles me to no end.

Unknown said...

@Tiffany...glad you found it useful:))
Take care:)0