Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hello Everyone!

I hope this finds each and everyone one of you well.  Some of you may or may not have noticed . The content of AuNaturale is ever changing. I've realized that my blog is a direct reflection of me. As I change, and evolve. The same goes for things around me.

With that being said you will began to see many different things here at AuNaturale, Natural hair is and will remain a passion of mine.  However I do have other passions, finding inspiration in many ways, fashion, entrepreneurship, positivity, designing, fellow entrepreneurs, strong positive women, etc, etc, etc.

Due to this I will no longer only post about  natural hair but a number of things. I have been blessed to come across some amazing women , many I've known since embracing my natural hair Journey, and some I have just meant. I hope to bring  a few of those amazing women here to AuNaturale.

I hope you all continue to enjoy AuNaturale , and your welcome to come along for this amazing journey I am on. It's one that has allowed me to know who I am , love and accept me for me. Not based off of the thoughts or approval of others. Finding my voice, my confidence, all while remaining humble and teachable.

Thank you all so very much for supporting AuNaturale, Do stay for a while. You are  appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by, take care and stay fabulous!



nappy headed black girl said...

Awesome. I can't wait to see what's in store. I ain't goin' nowhere!

Unknown said...

Hey there Kay!

And thanks for stopping by kay, take care.