Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hello Fellow fabulous naturals!

The topic of whether to use or not to use styling tools come up quite often, in the natural hair community. There are some that may prefer one tool over another. Then there are those who do not use styling tools at all, or rarely. That is the category I'm in.

I prefer to use my fingers and maybe my seamless  comb. Although to be fair I wear my hair more on the shorter side so therefore it doesn't really call for much of a styling tool.

Here are a few of the most popular styling tools used by many naturals:

A wide tooth comb- Perhaps all naturals should have on of these on hand. The worse thing to hear while combing or styling your tresses is to hear the 'pop" sound. Normally when you hear that sound chances are you may have just snap a hair strand. This is where wide tooth combs come into play, I prefer seamless ones. Which can also help in preventing your hair  from getting  snagged while combing.  Its also best to never comb or use any styling tool on dry hair.

Denman Brush- This one is really popular. I must admit I've never used one on my hair while being natural. But there are those who swear but it. I've read reviews from others who state you can get great clumping from use a denman brush. Should you choose to use a denman brush, again please be sure your is wet before doing so.

Satin caps and or pillow cases-  These are must haves. It is imperative that we keep our hair as healthy as possible. Satin materials are the best. not causing dryness like cotton pillow case's or cotton scarves do. Satin helps to keep our hair moisturize by not drying our hair and robbing it of its moisture. I use both a satin cap and a satin pillow case For extra protection. If you do not own a satin cap. Try a satin scarf , it's all the same.

The satin cap and pillow case, my handy dandy seamless comb, and last but not least my fingers are my must have styling tools. What are your must have styling tools?

Thanks for stopping by, take care. And remember to stay positive, fly, naturally healthy, and fabulous!



Coilybella said...

I also use my fingers most of the time unless I want to do a neat parting as with African threading and extensions.

I own a Denman Brush but rarely use it for fear of breaking my hair.

Unknown said...

Hi Coily bella,

Yes I'm with you using mostly my fingers.

Thanks for stopping by, take care!

nappy headed black girl said...

Girl, the Denman did nothing for me when I was loose. That thing looks like a torture device lol

I'd like to add my Goody Ouchless Bands. I love those things. They're the only thing I use to tie my hair back.

Unknown said...


Lol...I know what you mean. I was also a little scared to use a denman on my hair. Thats why I never purchased one.

Thanks for stopping by NHBG, take care!