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Hello Fellow Naturals!

Not long ago I colored my hair with the Shea Moisture hair color system. This will be a quick, simple and to the point review.  Why , well because I love it! . It's that simple.

Once it came time for me to purchase the hair color system . I knew I would have to order it one line because the target where I live did not carry it.  I ordered it from target it arrived in a fair amount of time. The color I went for was Jet Black. My original plan was to do Dark Brown, but one day they had it in stock and the next day it was gone. That says something about this line right there, in fact quite a few of there colors was sold out.

When I was relaxed I always wore my hair darker, normally jet black or maybe dark brown. I'm not much of one to light my hair I normally only deposit. The Jet Black box is the one pictured above with the Chinese bob cut ( bangs , long sides) as you can see the art on these boxes are beautiful.

Inside the box you receive :

Radiant Color Creme
Radiant Color Developer
Professional Latex-Gloves
Salon Application Brush
Raw Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo
Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner
Raw Shea Reconstructive Finishing Elixir

All for the price of $14.99 + shipping

The scent:

Pleasant. Not chemically , or so strong it will give you a headache or anything.

The application:

Very easy. They give to options as to ways to apply ( this is where the application brush comes in) you can either:
1. Mix the Creme and the developer together in the bottle and apply.
2. Mix together add apply to your hair using the hair brush.

I used it directly from the bottle. The mixture went on smoothly, with minimal mess. Only thing as with using black hair color be mindful of skin staining. If it gets on your skin hear line, ears, etc wipe it as fast as possible. Also base your skin in those areas with Vaseline, Shea butter or something this will help in the color not staining as much.

After I kept the color on for its recommended time. It was time to rinse I used all of the products included in the box. Feeling it was best to stick to the entire product line in this case. When companies do this its normally reasons following .

Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo:

Let me first mention as I had not done so previously this is my first time using any of the Shea moisture line. The shampoo did just as I felt it was suppose to do..clean my hair, thus doing a proper job with removing any of the traces from the color mixture.

After rinsing,  my hair definitely felt clean. It did feel a bit stripped but not  much. I have used shampoos that left my hair feeling worse. This carried a nice clean scent. Nothing to overpowering. Also the consistency was of a thick texture. Which is one thing I like with my shampoos . I've always felt the thicker shampoos was more moisturizing.

Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner:

When I applied the SMRC it had great slip , leaving it a breeze to get through my tresses. I did just as directed leaving it on for up to 15 min. After rinsing my hair was quite soft, and manageable. The scent was  again very nice, and clean smells a lot like the SMRS. The texture is thick, and went on well. Just as with my shampoos I like my conditioners to be thick as well. or at least it has to have a medium to thick like texture.

Shea Moisture reconstructive Finishing Elixir:

This is an oil with sea kelp & Argon Oil. I really like this oil . It has a yummy scent and provides great shine.

The sample sizes that come with the SMHCS are very generous sizes to me. That was very nice to see.

Overall: ...this...system. I am  very pleased with my results. My hair is very dark. So yes it colors well. It left my hair very shiny . I am very impressed . This color system is a definite keeper for me.  After washing a week after applying my color there has not been not one ounce of difference in my color or my hair. My color is still very rich. And my hair is quite soft, and stays moisturized. I have not noticed any dryness what so ever.


I shared this both on my facebook and twitter. When applying darker colors very often as spoken about above the color has a tendency to stain the skin. Should you not have any stain remover around. and if you happen to be  in the presence of ashes..yep that's right ashes.

Dampen a wrag and dip that rag into some ashes. Rub that dampen wrap onto the areas of your skin that has been stained and rub, rub, rub. then obviously wash your face afterwards. A little old school  trick we use to do in the hair salon.

P.S I am in no way promoting smoking anything of any kind. I myself am not a smoker. So I did not use this method when I applied my color  . But basing my skin prior to application helped a lot.

Thanks for stopping by Ladies, and remember to stay Fly, Positive, and  naturally fabulous!


***Disclaimer, please note I am in no way affiliated with this company, nor was I paid to do this review.  I brought this product with my very on money as well as other products I review here at AuNaturale. Unless otherwise stated***

Thank you


Coilybella said...

That was a super great review
My hair broke off when my hair was colored,so I am apprehensive of coloring again. Please keep us updated on the condition of your hair.

Unknown said...

Hey there Coily Bella!

Thanks! I will be sure to continue to update everyone as to the condition of my hair.

Thanks for stopping by, take care.