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Hey Ladies!

Today I am very excited to bring my very first feature to AuNaturale. I was contacted by Eddie the owner of Sweet Nature by Eddie. When I was contacted I was thrilled to feature her and her line of products. Lets learn a bit about the lady behind the sweet nature by Eddie line. And the line it's self.

When was your company created?
It was officially created  in Nov.2007 . But the products were actually concocted in 2005.

What was the Inspiration behind your line?
I had no interest in having a business and I never set out to have a line. I actually dropped business as my major because I knew I would never use that degree. But, then I suffered from severe hair loss, due to bonding weave glue. The experience was so traumatic and embarrassing; I decided to war against it. After purchasing every product on the market , getting steroid injections, and using an infrared rake weekly, that yielded minimal results, I decided to to make my own products formulated with all the ingredients known to assist with healthy growth. After using the products ( in conjunction with tips and techniques I learned), my growth was prominent and everyone around me started to notice it and asked what I was using. I would then give them samples along with my regimen and they too started to notice drastic  changes in their hair. Then finally they encouraged me to market them; that's when Sweet Nature by Eddie was born and my hair care guide was written.

How long has Sweet Nature by Eddie been established? 51/2 years ( if you go here ) you can see my hair journey.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting  starting a business ?
I would say believe in, with ALL of your heart in your business. KNOW that what you are offering is absolutely needed by someone ;otherwise you will find it very difficult to weather storms ( which there are A LOT of ), you will give up very easily, you will let naysayers discourage you if  you don't believe. Then get a plan together and go for it !

What was the inspiration behind the names of your products?
All of my products have a sweet smell ( I know a couple of kids that have eaten my moisturizers and adults that want to because they smell so good ); they are natural and of course my name is Eddie ; hence Sweet Nature by Eddie.

What advice would you give to other fellow naturals about their hair care journey and product searching ?
READ LABELS! when I first went natural (9 years ago); there wasn't as much information readily available as there is today. I learned from trail and error that name brand doesn't matter, it's what's in the jar that will make the difference in your hair , so learn to read labels. Get to know YOUR hair, what it likes, when it's stressed, when it is thirsty, etc. This will cut down on so much frustration when trying to care for it; and lastly understand sometimes you have to just let your hair do what it do; natural hair doesn't work the same as relaxed hair; and short natural hair doesn't work the same as long natural hair ; you have to be flexible and be able to adjust to ever changing hair!

Where can Sweet Nature By Eddie's products be found?
Currently at ( ) and readers can get a 15% off discount if they use the  code"Tryme" . My store is located in Grand Rapids, MI.

Is there anything else you would like readers to know about your brand ?
Sweet Nature by Eddie was started on a $50 budget; it was birthed during the most difficult time in my life. I was going through a divorce, I had lost my job, I was losing my house, and I was an absolute wreck!  but I turned this time into something positive. I decided I wanted this to be  movement, not just about selling products, but about empowering and educationing my clients through newsletters, workshops, teleconferences, seminars, and speaking engagements. In only one year, I was nominated and received the female Entrepreneur of the decade award from my community. I was promoted to platinum author for the quality of  my hair care articles on ezine articles and was awarded for superior customer service through Merchant Circle. I opened my local store in June of 2010 and there's currently over 2000 testimonials on my website from very happy customers ( )as well as very compelling  before & after pictures

To all of the readers here at AuNaturale remember to go over to Sweet Nature by Eddie. You can use coupon code "Tryme" and get 15% off of your order.

I would like to thank Eddie of Sweet Nature by Eddie for thinking of AuNaturale and allowing me to do my very first feature on her and her products. Your story is very inspirational!.  Wishing  you and your business the very best.

Thanks for stopping by ladies. Remember to stay Fly, Positive, naturally healthy and fabulous!



Unknown said...

Excellent interview!!!! I really enjoyed reading about her journey and tips!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Kenesha!

I really enjoyed interviewing Eddie. Very inspirational lady.

Thanks for stopping by Kenesha. Glad you enjoyed the interview. Take care!

nappy headed black girl said...

Your first feature? Awesome sauce.

I like reading about owners who started their companies because what they needed wasn't on the market. I feel like they have more invested than just making a buck.

Thanks for introducing me to her. I already see some stuff I'd like to order.

Unknown said...

Hey there Kay,

YES! I really enjoyed this feature. Its quite inspirational to her from others who have there on businesses.

Let me tell you I can't wait to do my final thoughts or first impressions. Note, she has really goood products. Stay tuned for my review.

Thanks for stopping by Kay, take care.