Friday, July 9, 2010


Malia’s and Sasha’s natural hairstyles - cornrows, twists and pressed styles have been met with praise and criticism in blogs and articles all over the internet. What would they have to say if Michelle Obama, our First Lady, decided to transition to natural? What if Mrs. Obama started wearing twist-outs and braid-outs, and then eventually BC’d into a TWA? Could you imagine? Remember when she wore shorts on her vacation and it became “Shortsgate?” Her TWA would probably become “Afrogate.”

While the natural community celebrates, the media will be in a frenzy. Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook would be ablaze with comments about our First Lady’s journey back to natural. Comparisons to Brittney Spears, Chrisette Michele, Angela Davis and Solange would be endless. Discussion about how her appearance is “un-First Ladylike” would no doubt be plentiful and some would try to berate Michelle’s coily hair until it was straight again. Slurs, praise, and confusion would be voiced from all across the globe. Hair stylists would get swamped with questions on becoming natural and how can they rock Michelle’s TWA, just as personal trainers were asked how to get her perfectly toned arms. Michelle Obama dolls would come complete with a sleeveless dress and afro pick. Black hair care lines would capitalize on the demand for Michelle’s coily tresses and begin producing products that promise a soft curly mane just like hers. Women that never thought about going natural would suddenly become curious about the process. Little girls unknowledgeable about their natural texture would sit in front of their televisions in awe of the ‘fro.

Just like she has done for fashion, our First Lady would set trends and change attitudes with her natural curly tresses. Despite the negativity, she would inspire those with open minds to realize that there is no standard of beauty. Beauty is unique. Beauty is divine. And it cannot be standardized.

By: Stephanie Singleton

That would be awesome!!!!



LazyCouchPotato said...

Supposedly, Mrs. Obama is a natural. She uses heat (chronically) to achieve a "polished" look but her hair is natural under the presses.

Unknown said...

@ NaturalNubian..That's great to know! ...Now, that I think about it... her hair does look pressed w/ tons of movement.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care.