Saturday, July 10, 2010


For all of you fabulous naturals out there who have your own youtube channel here I will post a site , with the link.... where you can recieve your very own business cards in which you can promote your is what is said :

Broadcast your YouTube channel with Business Cards from MOO

MOO is offering YouTube users a FREE* pack of business cards to help you promote your YouTube channel to anyone you meet.

Tell me more...

Thanks to what MOO calls "Printfinity," you can print a different image on every card. This means you could have a different thumbnail from your videos on each card. To capture stills from your video, find the image you want, pause the video, take a screenshot, then save as a high resolution JPEG, PNG, GIF or PDF file.

You can also choose MOO designs, insert a QR code, select a graphic from YouTube's Creator's Corner or go shopping for 'Ready Made' products.

How do I make a pack?

MOO lets you upload your images at where you can follow a simple online process to add your YouTube channel and contact details. It only takes a few minutes to produce great-looking cards like the ones in the picture.

To learn more visit this link




nappy headed black girl said...

I cannot thank you enough for this link! I have been wanting to try these cards for quite some time now.

I like that the YouTube logo is already printed at the bottom. It looks professional.

I just ordered my box and am eagerly awaiting it! I'll let you know how they look in person :-)

By the way, do you have a YT channel?

Unknown said...

@ nappy headed black are very welcome! In fact I do not have a youtube channel ...I know there are many fabulous naturals out there who do...and when I saw this ad , I thought how great is this ....I just had to share it.

I am so happy to hear it is of good use for you.....keep me posted on how they turn out. And enjoy them !

Take care and thanks so much for stopping by.