Friday, July 16, 2010


Hello to all of the fabulous naturals !  As some of you may know I did a post a few days ago on how much I was in love with the Afroveda "Carrot Seed Shampoo Bar"  and how I contacted the owner in relation to the pH level in this product.  Her response was that was 5.5 or 5.7, needless to say I was really , really excited.

I am veeeeery sad and veeeerrrrry disappointed to report , that according to the pH strips I have this product IS NOT a pH of 5.5 or 5.7....are you guys ready....IT IS A pH OF 10 !!!!!!!....OMG, I simply felt like crying.
When, I used this shampoo bar my hair felt great!!! or so I thought.  Now, immediately after doing this test, I felt it to be oh so very important I come back and share my findings with you guys.  I am and have always been a realist...I keeps it real, all the time.  I have in my past experiences lost friendships/relationships with people because , of my honesty ...and I'm OK with that.  So, nothing has changed, I am in no way  about putting out false information...I am really into , love and am veeerrry passionate about natural hair, I consider the natural hair community like family all on a , this is why , I have no problem what so ever in saying I truly apologize for sharing a post and or review with you guys , based off of some one Else's word.
Without doing the research which I honestly thought about doing, however, I figured that when we put our trust in a business and or a hair care line would be just

Now a bit about my findings...

What this all means is that buy this product being at that level ( pH10) it is close to the pH of a mild relaxer which comes close to 8.0-11.0 pH.  More of a alkaline, this is exactly why it made my hair feel so soft once using this product because it actually toke my hair in the very opposite direction...lifted my cuticles and  bonds probably caused my hair to absorb way to much water.

If a hair care product is to Alkaline with a pH of 8 or over it can cause the hair shaft to swell and cause damage to the cuticle and cortex.  Applying a substance with a pH greater than 7 , which is more Alkaline than our hair decomposes the hairs acid mantle and begins eating away at the hairs outer cuticle layer.

Remember, anything with pH less than 3 and greater than 7 is....bad....bad....bad.

So, I will continue to educate myself on the importance of pH levels for shampoos, and I will continue to search for a proper and healthy pH shampoo for my hair until I find one.  I will continue to use the kinky curly " come clean " which is at a pH of 7 ( I tested myself). And, I plan to also try curls cleansing cream and maybe their clarifying shampoo it's said they are pH balanced ( I will be testing it once I purchase)

Note: you can not pH test solids, So the carrot bar soap was tested with water.

Needles to say , I will no longer be using this shampoo bar or this line of products.  However, the owner seems to be very nice. I do wish her and her business the very best in all that she does.  But, these products or this company is just not for me.

I will be sure to keep you guys posted on my results with curls shampoos.



LazyCouchPotato said...

OMG! I'm so glad I never gave into my inner PJ and bought this! I think I'll stick to castile soap.

Unknown said...

@ NaturalNubian, lol !! your right. I'm not trying to be the pH police or nothing ( lol)
just a heads up , dr .bronners castile soap it also waaaay to strong for our hair the pH is quite high. I think it was either 9-10 ( dont quote me on that, smiles) but I do know it veeery , be careful ( smiles)

Thanks so much for stopping by, its always great hearing from you.

Take care.

khadijah said...

i have tagged you sister thanks for the support ...

Unknown said...

@ Khadijah...Alhamdulliaah!

The Mujahada in Prada said...

Salaam Sister,
Love your blog mash'Allah! Glad I ran across it because I'm having a LOT of trouble keeping my daughter's hair healthy. She is half white and half Arab, but her hair is SUPER tight curls...not sure where she gets it from...although I've seen some other Jordanian children with very curly hair too. Anyways, I have tried detangler from the supermarket, along with baby shampoo for curly hair (She is only 2) but nothing helps...trying to comb her hair is literally a half hour session of screaming, tears, and her begging me to stop. If i skip a day combing it out then it's a 45 minute session the next day. Do you have any suggestions? I know it's a bit different situation, but I would appreciate any suggestions that you have. I am desperate at this point. Jazzak Allahu khairun in advance.

Unknown said...

@ The Mujahada in Prada...Walaikum Salaam wa Rahmatullaah sister, so nice to hear from you , masha Allaah. Na'am, there is a site here:

where you can purchase natural hair care products, and these products work great for children ...they are all natural, walhamdulliaah....and these products are highly recommended from fellow naturals or who have daughters who are natural.

She, even offers sample sizes that you can try to see if these products work for your daughter, and her regular sizes and prices aren't that bad as well.

Check out her site, and see if its anything there that could be of assistance.

Hope that helped (smiles) and thanks so much for stopping by.

As salaamu alaikum (smiles)

ChocolateOrchid said...

That's terrible! I'm disappointed also. I'm really hoping that maybe the owners testing strips were off for you to be given the incorrect answer.

Thanks for posting this. I guess I better get me some pH testing strips, also.

Unknown said...

@ ChocolateOrchid...yes I agree with you that is horrible...and I am hoping the same. I know of another fabulous natural who also had an experience with this company in asking about a certain ingredient...because this ingredient doesn't agree with her, this company told her that.... that product did not have that ingredient in it. When she recieved the product to her surprise and disappointment the product...indeed had that very same ingredient she asked about in the product she sad is that !

This is all very disturbing to me!

As far as the pH strips they are really something worth having and so worth every dime.

Thanks for stopping by CO and take care.

Lucky said...

You said ".I am really into , love and am veeerrry passionate about natural hair, I consider the natural hair community like family all on a quest..."

I am sooo feelin' you on that, Sister. Continue to keep it one-hundred with us, for as you stated, we are all on a quest.

Unknown said...

@ Lucky....Yes, this is oh so very true...we are all a family , and one that continues to shine and grow !!!!

I love it!!!

Thanks for comment that means a lot !
Take care

Anonymous said...

Thx for this info! Very enlightening! Try ANita Grants Shampoo bar and other products. They have worked very well!


Unknown said...

@ Anonymous, you are quite welcome!
You, know I never thought about anita grant...I often use her ideas for hair rinses ...shes great!

Thanks for stopping by and take care.

Tiffany said...

Ok, you might get a lot of comments from me today becuz I 'followed' last week but wasn't getting the feed, so I had to fix that today and am getting lost in all the scoops you got over here. I have this bar and have been using it for a minute. I am wondering if I can soak it in water to dissolve like I do with black soap, then add conditioner and aloe or something to correct the PH. I hate to waste money but I saw the creamy cleanser recipe before to do with castile soap and am wondering if I can do it with this. Anyhoo, I am THOROUGHLY convinced I needs to buy the PH Strips, pronto!

Unknown said...

@Tiffany... I dont mind at all I love to keep in touch with fellow fabulous naturals such as, please never worry about comments ...comments are always welcomed here.

I'm with you, Tiffany I really hate to waste money as well. I've decided when its something that I know will do the very opposite to my hair in which I'm trying to achieve ( like the health of my body and hair) its just going to have to be a lost, you know. But, hey try it very well may work. Keep me posted on your results, if you do try it.

The pH strips are so worth every single penny,...they are a great investment. I think you will like them as well. Take care.