Thursday, July 29, 2010


It is important to smooth Afro-textured hair in the same direction constantly as you begin to condition.  The direction should be away and downward from your scalp.  This can be done simply by taking a section of hair, whether braided or loose, gently grasping it in your hand and pulling your hand down over the braid or section of hair several times to smooth it out.

Smoothing should be done for two reasons.  The first reason is connected with conditioning.  You condition your hair to help smooth the cuticles, with the result that the hair feels smoother and softer to the touch after the conditioning treatment.  Even though smoothing with your hands does not flatten the hair cuticle, it helps the conditioning process by arranging all the hair in one direction.  Also, your hands become familiar with how your hair feels, and if something is amiss- if you are using product that is not good for your hair, or if there is a change in your hair-you will be able to recognize it quickly because your hands remember how your hair should feel.  Smoothing adds information and data to your hair model.  By, smoothing before, during and after conditioning , you can better gauge whether or not the conditioner you have selected is beneficial for your hair. If the hair is still in a roughened state after you have conditioned it, the conditioner You have chosen is not helping to lay the cuticles flat against the hair strand.  Or the shampoo that you used may have been too alkaline or too drying for your hair type, it may have lifted the cuticles.  Smoothing is a way to gather clues to help you better analyze the state and the needs of your hair.

Grow It ! by, Chicoro  chapter 11 ; step three.

This was one of my favorite chapters of her book, it explained alot...especially about "Smoothing" in which I new nothing of until reading her book , it also talks about the importance of getting familiar with your hair, which I truly believe is very important.



Coilybella said...

Zainab, I was so thrilled about that chapter in the Chicoro Book. I knew nothing about smoothing until I read that book. It makes such a big difference

Unknown said...

@Tinuke...yes it does! I am so with ya there...I am so in love with this entire concept and it makes a ton of sense.

Thanks , Tinuke for stopping by it's always a pleasure ...take care.

nappy headed black girl said...

Wow, this is an interesting concept that I never would've thought to try. I'm assuming this applies to dreads also?

Have you starting trying this method? Have you had any success with it?

Unknown said...

@Nappy headed black girl...Yes, I am sure it would great on dreads as well... I sure do use the fact I will not apply my products to my hair with out using this method, and if I do I can immediately tell the difference. I also use this very same method on all three of my daughters hair, as well. Great method, with great results!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by, and take care.