Monday, July 12, 2010


Hello, all of my fabulous naturals....I just had to do a quick review on Afroveda's carrot seed shampoo bar which in my opinion is the .....BUSINESS!!!! ( lol).  Ladies, I am looove with this shampoo it is very gentle on my hair and it does not.... at all leave my hair feeling stripped, it leaves my hair clean and soft.....After, my oh so disappointment with my beloved liquid black soap, and the disappointing pH you ladies know I immediately said ...bye-bye to, I was then on a search for a good shampoo with balanced and safe pH for our hair.

Since, I have been curious about the highly talked about Afroveda products....I noticed there shampoo section, I then contacted the owner of afroveda ( she is very nice) asking for the pH level on the carrot seed shampoo bar...and guest what it is a pH of 5.7....I was very excited and placed a order for this product along with a few of her other products ( review to come on other products).

So, ladies...I think I have found my new shampoo staple ...that I really, really like....I have also tried the " kinky- Curly" come clean in which I like,and it is also pH balanced .... but I like the the carrot seed shampoo bar...much better...I will use kinky - curly come clean as a back up if necessary...but, my new shampoo staple is "Afroveda's carrot seed shampoo bar" it ! love it ! it!



FindingMe said...

I totally agree with you on KC Come Clean and The Afroveda Carrot poo bar! I use the carrot poo bar every time I wash and use the Come Clean as more of a clraifying poo when I want to DC/get a really good wash. Both ROCK for me!

ChocolateOrchid said...

OMGEEeee! You are so tempting me to get this bar. I've been considering purchasing it for awhile but I'm really trying to be good and use up what I already have. We'll see how that goes cause so far I keep buying stuff. Lol.

Glad you found a shampoo bar that's really good to your hair.

Unknown said...

@ChocolateOrchid, yes ! I really like his carrot seed shampoo "So far I keep buying stuff"...I know how that is...sometimes we just can help

Take care CO , and thanks so much for stopping by.

Unknown said...

@ Finding me, them both as well, just love the shampoo bar...just a tad bit more, but haven't thrown in the towel on kccc

And, never thought of using the kinky curly cc as a clarifying shampoo...Thanks for the idea. Right now , I use benonite clay, love that as well.

Take care.