Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hello Ladies!

Today I bring you in review " BASK YAM NECTAR". Let me say I love this hair nourisher. It does just as stated. Now let me tell you why I love this nourisher.

 FROM RASHIDA ( THE SHOP OWNER )   ( borrowed from the esty page) :

Pamper your hair with a true HONEY spa regimen!

The word Y.A.M. boldly represents the oils of Yucca-infused olive, Avocado, & Meadowfoam that are artfully “churned” throughout a sweet base of honey nectar targeted to rejuvenate parched hair!

All-natural (US Grade A) clover honey is slowly simmered with vegetable glycerin, thickened with y.a.m. oils & conditioner, & swirled with healing Manuka honey – yielding a luxurious hair spa treatment for ultimate hydration. Product texture is of a very concentrated, toffee-like consistency out the jar – but once applied to wet hair – turns into a lush conditioning cream that sinks into your curls!


Pure Clover Honey, Vegetable Glycerin, Yucca Oil (Virgin Olive Oil infused w/ Yucca Root), Avocado Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Manuka Honey, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol, Panthenol, Essential oils of Rosewood & Copaiba, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin.


While hair is clean & still WET, part hair into sections. Scoop a small amount of Y.A.M. honey treatment out the jar & apply to each section (try not to get excess water into the jar…..make sure hands are not dripping wet or use an applicator to keep product at its freshest).

Gently massage honey treatment onto hair as the treatment emulsifies with the water – turning into a conditioning cream. If you find the product too thick to spread directly – then scoop a small amount, rub it in the palms of your hands first, and then apply to each hair section.

Using a plastic cap, steam with the Y.A.M. honey treatment for a minimum of 20 minutes…allowing the product to soak into your hair as the humectants draw in moisture. Rinse Thoroughly. Curls will be left super-hydrated, super-soft, & super-indulged!

PRICE- $ 20.00 8 oz

PACKAGING- nice, sturdy brown jar.

CUSTOMER SERVICE-  Excellent!. My products was mailed Thursday. I had my products Saturday. My order was shipped the same day I placed my order,  The label was not just printed and sat for a few days, no my items was shipped the very same day.

SCENT- Divine smells like butterscotch.

CONSISTENCY- Thick, same texture as honey.


This is one of the best treatments I have treated my hair to in quite a while right up there with my CURLS estacy hair tea . After applying this nourisher I sat under my steamer and upon completion , I was pleasantly surprised as to how hydrated my hair was. It was super soft, I had wonderful curl  definition , and my hair was shiny.

These wonderful attributes as to the performance of the treatment did not last for just that day . This lasted for a few days. As I shared here on AuNaturale many times, this is how I can gage the hydration and moisture factor  of a product for my tresses the length of time my hair is moisturized. However if your hair is very fine, this product may be to heavy for your hair strands thus weighing it down.

So far I have only used it alone, I have heard of other curlies applying both the yam and cocoa bark together, or applying the cocoa bark directly after the YAM nourisher. The fact of the matter is the YAM NECTAR is a treatment and not necessarily a deep  conditioner.  I will be trying them together or using the cocoa bark directly after the YAM.  As I will report my findings back to you ladies. But so far the YAM is alright with me !

Cocoa bark deep conditioning hair treat review forthcoming.

I heard great things about this item, but was on the fence because of the honey and glycerin. Sometimes my hair is not fond of honey and or glycerin either one or the other , or both together. But I wanted to give it a go and couldn't be more pleased.

This is one I will definitely be keeping in my rotation of hair treatments, thus far the only other hair treatment I use once a month is the CURLS ecstasy hair tea another fave and must have.

I will certainly repurchase, and  recommend this product to any other curlies looking for something urber hydrating.

You can find this product here

There you have it  ! My thoughts and love for the BASK YAM NECTAR. Thanks for stopping by, take care and remember to stay naturally healthy and fabulous.


***Disclaimer, please note I am in no way affiliated with this company, nor was I paid to do this review. Just happen to be a fan of this product and wanted to share with other naturals in hopes of helping someone who may have just began their journey to the beauty of being natural, or someone who may be in need of great products. I brought this product with my very on money as well as other products I review here @ AuNaturale. Unless otherwise stated***

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Daphne said...

This product is officially one of my staples. I haven't tried it since I started to loc my hair - but I use it on my daughter's hair - LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Unknown said...


Yes! you and I think alike (lol) I am soooo in love with this conditioner it is a must have for me. I used again last night..and still with fabulous and consistent results!


Thanks for commenting , take care!