Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hello ladies!

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful , yet beneficial weekend. In review today for "Tea time Tuesday" I bring you the great herb Jasmine Green Tea. I am a huge fan of green tea, it holds many great  health benefits . In fact many Chinese drink green tea with each meal.

 I drink at least 2-3 cups of Green tea daily. It's great both hot and cold and enjoyable for the entire family. Green tea is rich in fluoride which aids in preventing tooth decay. It is a very dark green herb. With a very distinct taste, one that I really enjoy.

Futher,  Green tea aid's  in combating many different cancers,  boost the immune system and helps in weight lost. I can not tell you how incorporating herbs into my diet has helped me such. I feel the benefits , I know the benefits are real, and again as I've stated in previous posts it's nothing compared to drinking and eating foods that are natural and healthy.

It's said that An increased consumption of Green Tea significantly improved the odds of survival of breast and ovarian cancer patients. For you who may not have known ( I've shared this here @ AuNaturale a while  ago) It's been 3 years and counting by the divine mercy of my lord I will be cancer free from ovarian cancer.

So incorporating a healthy diet for myself and my family. From the inside and out, and all things I use in my household, on my body and the likes there of play an important role in my life.

Not only does Green tea aid in prevention of cancer, but also leukemia, blood pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis and more . So as you see this is such a great herb, and super enjoyable throughout the day.

Now some may ask , what's the difference in Green Tea, and Jasmine Tea. There is no difference accept the taste. Jasmine tea taste a bit different than regular green tea. Just be sure not to steep  green tea   long because it will then carry a bitter taste, and take it from me this is true. I've made that mistake once and it was not good (lol). My family and I enjoy both regular Green Tea and Jasmine Green Tea.  In fact the benefits are the same in both teas.

And remember do your best in trying to purchase your herbs from a reputable herbal store, and not those store brought teas. We really don't know exactly what is in the tea bags, moreover many of the store brought teas are sprayed, and are of an drier older herb which losses it's vitamins and  benefits from this process.

There you have it, my thoughts on the always enjoyable "Green Tea".   And as always thanks for stopping by,  take care and remember to stay naturally healthy and fabulous!