Tuesday, February 19, 2013



Happy Tea Time Tuesday!

Today I bring you in review yet another herbal tea.  This tea has  great benefit with some really great herbs mixed altogether.  Let's get right into our review, thus finding out more about the stress buster tea ! let me  first say that this tea does contain a small amount of natural caffeine.

This tea is a mixture of herbs that aid in immune, glandular, respiratory system, etc. Thus relaxing the muscles, feeds the brain and its said to aid in relaxing the body.


St John's wort -  Great for muscle aches, depression, HIV, Urinary deficiency, menstrual pain, swollen glads,  and much more ! . Great for the entire family, including children.

Ginkgo Leaf-  Great for treating poor circulation, increased energy, better concentration. An excellent source of vitamin c, iron and calcium. Also great for the entire family! including children.

Siberian ginseng root  (also known as Eleuthero Root) -  contains compounds that help the body respond more quickly to stress also great for depression, fatigue, and much more!

Green Tea ( one of my faves, review coming soon ) -Rich in fluoride, aids in reducing tooth decay, in preventing many forms of cancer, great for those suffering with leukemia, heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss and plenty more!  From my  reading I've found that green tea is one of the top 3 best selling herbs in the world. Great for the entire family, including children.

Jasmine flowers - Jasmine flowers are commonly enjoyed in China as a tea, sometimes combined with green or black teas. The cool thing about Jasmine Flowers is that it appears to bloom as the bundle unfolds in response to steeping in hot water.

Peppermint Leaf -  (Looove this tea!)  Great for colds, Stomach, Flu-influenza, Nausea and so much more!  Peppermint leaf is filled with Potassium, iron, calcium, Thiamine, aids in toning the body and many more. Also great for the entire family, including children.

 Raspberry Leaf ( another fave) -Great the mom's to be, aids in nausea, colds, Flatulence – gas, Labor pains, and so much more! filled with Selenium, iron, Vitamin C, vitamin A, and more. Great for the entire family, including children.

Stevia Leaves-  Stevia is naturally 30 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. substitute for artificial sweeteners, and low in calories!

Now that you know what's included in this mixture lets talk price;

$11.95 / 5lb ( In my opinion you get a good amount for the price.)

It's suggested to use a teaspoon full  and placing it in a pot with a cup of water and boil on the stove  prior to drinking. Unlike many of the herbal teas I drink where you simply put your herbs into a tea ball or the likes there of , and pour water into a mug. So this was a bit different for me., but it did not effect my thoughts about the tea.

As for the taste , I must say this is one of my least favorite tasting teas, thus far. The taste is really not that great. And, it does take some getting use to.  I will continue the bag I have now, but probably will not repurchase this tea. I just can not get use to the taste. It has a very strong taste.

Perhaps, as I finish up what I have of this tea , it may began to grow on me. If not I have many other teas I enjoy and that I'm very fond of.

You can find this mixture at

 I really enjoy drinking tea  above any other hot beverage , I've found I enjoy it so much along with all the great benefits of the  herbs.  I thought why not share with everyone here @ AuNaturale. So do expect more tea reviews.

And as always thanks for stopping by . Take care, and remember to stay naturally healthy and fabulous!


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the aforementioned site, nor am I a medical expert. Please do your own research and or visit your physician, should you have concerns.  Nor was I  paid to do this review I brought this item with my very own money. Unless otherwise stated. Thank you.