Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hello Ladies!

Today I bring you Tea Time Tuesday!. Here I will share a few of my all time favorite herbal teas. I've found drinking herbal tea's have been very beneficial for me , my health and the health of my family.  Noticing more energy, along with being less sluggish and  the just an over all feeling of  knowing my family and myself are  drinking something healthy, is joy enough for me.

No longer drinking those horrible high fructose and sugar filled drinks, with many added unhealthy ingredients. Rather choosing water or a few cups of Herbal Tea, is such a better choice. My past morning beverage was Coffee, Instead I grab a cup of any of the many herbal teas I have in my cabinet.   Adding a bit of lemon, and Enjoy !

The key is not buying into those herbal teas, which we find in our local supermarkets that are sprayed with things we are unaware of, dried out, and not fresh.  Instead buying your teas from an authentic , trustworthy herbal store, and or buying your herbs fresh or, growing them yourselves.

Other added  benefit's are many of the teas brought are good for the entire family, children included. I have been giving my children herbal teas and they love them .They like to add honey in theirs ( I'm not a huge honey fan). When I know my children are any member of my family is coming down with something , I have the perfect remedy right here from home. And it's all natural!

Preferring in minor symptoms to give my family something natural, oppose to the drugs given from the doctor (i. cough medicine, etc). However if it's a case of something where I feel my children need more, than the herbal teas can offer. I will with out a doubt take them to their doctor.

Upon doing research and a bit of homework. Allows you to become familiar with which herb or herbal mixes are good for what condition to suit the needs of your family. And which ones may not be good for you and your family based off of their present health history. You must be careful if you or any of your family members are taking medication, as some teas interact with the med's. Other than that they are Great!

And guess what...they make wonderful gifts, you can add them to gift baskets, as well.

My favorite all time place to purchase my teas is Bulk Herb Store. I looove this place. I will buy my teas no other place accept maybe from mountain rose herbs, occasionally. I love all the information Bulk Herb Store provides  both at their site and via their You Tube channel here you will find a Plethora of great videos and information on the many health benefits of herbal teas. Oh yeah , And their customer service, is excellent. Any questions you may have you are sure to get a quick response.

I have so many teas from Bulk Herb Store as I hope to share them all with you here @ AuNaturale. So let's talk about the " Brain Booster tea" shall we:

The cost $12.95 / 0.5 lbs.  You get a nice amount for this price. It comes in a nice sturdy  bag. with the ingredients on the label.

This is an organic tea, .  It's naturally caffeine free , that's another thing I want nothing to do with  caffeine, perhaps if it's natural only. This little number has a mixture of herbs which includes:

Ginkgo- Which is great for circulation, and is filled with Iron, calcium, and vitamin C.

Peppermint-  Filled with Potassium, protein, Vitamin A, just to name a few. Great for colds, stomach problems, Menstrual cramps, etc.

Red Raspberry- Filled with Niacin, Calcium,  Iron , Plus more. Can be used as an eye wash,  sore throats, etc.  Red Raspberry is great for the moms- to be, also.

Eleuthero Root-  Eleuthero has been used to treat depression,and  Immune deficiency, just to name a few.

Orange Peel- Great for colds and flu, coughs, lower high blood pressure, plus more!

Red Rooibos ( one of my faves , look out for a review on this one)- Contains high levels of antioxidants, Alpa -hydroxy (great for skin), fluoride, and many more.  It also aids in boosting the immune system, allergies, plus some!

Stevia- A natural sweetener , no added calories! . And it has been used to treat digestion, and the liver, with many more added benefits.

Now that you know what's in the wonderful tea.  Let's talk taste, well it's pretty easy, it taste great. I must say if you are not use to anything with out the added sugar, and non natural sweeteners this  may need time for you to get used to. As for myself, once I had made a conscience decision to no longer put certain things into my body. The taste was no big deal for me any longer. I believe it's all a mind over matter ordeal. Just add a bit of either, honey, lemon, or Cinnamon to suit your taste.

All of the beneficial herbs together makes a powerhouse in brain function.  They recommended you have a few cups of this a day. I mix my teas up I may not have only this tea, I may drink a different tea on my second cup with my lunch or dinner.

It's suggested to keep your teas, in a cool dark place, or in the refrigerator. This one according to the site is not mention as being recommended for children.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the aforementioned site, nor am I a medicial expert. Please do your own research, should you have concerns.

Well that's it, for today. How about you ladies, which teas are you sipping!

Thanks for reading, take care. And remember to stay Naturally Fabulous!