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Happy Hair Talk ThursdayLadies!

 Before starting this review I'd like to say I am working on giving better pictures of the products I review  here at  AuNaturale, hoping to bring you closer to the experience and the idea of the products.

Today I bring in review Coily Head Chick's " Hair Perfection ". Lets get right into the review.

Price: $20.00 / 16 ozs.

The packaging: Very chic , I love the colors. The labeling is nice and stays put I have not experienced any words fading due to the use of the product.

The arrival and shipping time:

I must say the shipping was quite quick, I believe if my memory serves me correctly she sipped my item a day or two after I placed my order. As for the arrival , It arrived nicely wrapped in black tissue paper to go with the color scheme of her products. The pump was not inserted into the bottle it was placed separately allowing the customer to insert the pump when ready for use. I thought that was different, and I had no problem with that.

I also saw and or read where other fellow naturals items arrived placed in a nice cloth like bag. Mine did not arrive in a bag , just wrapped in the tissue paper. I'm thinking perhaps she no longer had any of the bag's in stock, besides it really didn't bother me that my product did not arrive this way. I was cool with the tissue paper.  

The claim :

Hair Perfection is a multipurpose styler that works best for Wash & Go's but can be used for Two Strand Twists, Twist Outs or Braidouts. Hair Perfection will not build up and will rinse clean!

Hair perfection is a Curly Girl Friendly product. And free of Parabens, PABA, Paraffin, Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Silicones, Sulfates or Synthetic Color.


Aloe Vera Juice ,Water Infused with Horsetail, Nettle and Marshmallow Root, Olive Oil, Castor, Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Agave Nectar, Xanthan Gum, Honey Quat, Optiphen(preservative), ProVitamin B5, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid and Fragrance.

The Scent:  Honey Almond(honey drizzled over sweet almonds)

The consistency :

This gel is of a  thinner consistency compared to something in lines of Eco styler gel or even kiss my face upper management. The consistency somewhat puts me in the mind of Uncle Funky's Daughter's curly magic.

My Thoughts:

OOOOk, for starters once I saw the consistency of this gel I wasn't sure of its performance do to its consistency. But then I thought my hair loves UFD 's Curly Magic so maybe this will be fine.  I applied the gel on my wash day after freshly washed, and conditioned hair. Applied my leave in , oils and whatever else then the gel.

Let me say while appliyng this gel my curls were popping all over the place, the curl definition this gel gave my tresses were awesome!

And then... *sigh as my hair dried it was dull, dry, and flaky , and  it did not play well at all with my must have KBB products. In addition  I could not get more than 1(one) maybe 2nd day hair. So I thought to myself I will not give up I will continue to work with this gel I was determined to make this gel work for me. Because I really wanted to like this product.

Next time I applied it I added some olive oil, this step is nothing unusual for me when using any gel I often add a bit of Aloe Vera juice and Olive Oil for extra moisture factors,  with a bit of the gel into a separate container. But this time I only added a bit of Olive Oil , because if you noticed the first ingredient is Aloe Vera juice in this product so it had plenty of that.

Sigh*,  my hair still looked dull, was dry and had those dreaded flakes.   Now onto the last  attempt on my next wash day I tried it with a different leave in using hairveda's "Whipped creme ends hydration and leave in ( side note I no longer use this, but I had some left so decided to try it with this gel)...and again same results , dull, dry , and flaky hair.

So my final thoughts are a no go for me. This gel was not good for my hair, it lacked shine, and made my hair dry no matter what I used underneath, and it did not play well with my other products,  Once applying this product it  smells pretty good. But, once the product dries, it really does not have a pleasant smell.

So needless to say I Will not be repurshing this product.  I am no longer interested in using much gel on my hair. I've found a few great moisturizers that give a slight hold so that's all I really need. Should I decide to use gel here in there I will go back to my UFD Curly Magic or extreme wet line gel.

More reviews forthcoming on a few other gels.

I am a remaining fan of Jcokes (Coily head chick) she has a fabulous channel, with valuable info, tips and ideas. Which you can find here

I plan to use the remainder of this product in my daughters hair, and see how it does....maybe.

In closing I will say this, I do think coily head chick is onto something with this gel, It definitely has potential, it just needs a bit of tweaking.

To purchase this product you can find it here

Also please keep in mind there are many rave reviews on this product and in all fairness there are some fellow Naturals whose hair did wonders with this product.  

 So in short, try not to base your final thoughts on a product based off of other reviews. Do your research , compare your pros and cons and make your own decision. Knowing that  what may not work for one,  very well may work for you.

OK Ladies that's my Thursday in review, hope you enjoyed. And as always thanks for stopping by. Take care, and remember to stay naturally healthy and fabulous!


***Disclaimer, please note I am in no way affiliated with this company, nor was I paid to do this review.  I brought this product with my very on money as well as other products I review here @ AuNaturale. Unless otherwise stated***
Thank you



Tiffany said...

Interesting and very fair review...I have to go the tube and see some videos on Uncle Funkys, I might need that this Summer :)

Unknown said...

Hi Tiffany,

Yeah I was sorry this didn't work out for me. But uncle Funkys daughter...the bomb!

It is my go to gel, when I need a gel and the ingredients are great! It is a bit pricy but last a loooong time and worth every penny.

Thanks for stopping by, take care.

Unknown said...

This product piqued my interest because I also have curly hair. :) Anyway, reading about happy customers always make me smile since I enjoy buying items online too. The good part is that I get to buy everything without leaving my room. But the best part is receiving my orders on time and in great condition. I bet you love that part too! Renea Luong

Unknown said...

Yes, buying online is very convenient and easy. I agree with you the products coming on time and in great condition is a plus, and can determine a return customer.

Thanks for stopping by Renea, take care.