Monday, April 8, 2013


Hello Ladies!

There are many things that one can do to accessorize their natural hair whether your a loc'd natural, a fro natural, etc. One of those things are earrings. I am a huge fan of earrings feeling they add to your particular style, while accenting beautiful features.

What seems to be quite popular again are large hooped earrings.  Hoop earrings are quite versatile, they compliment many shaped faces you can dress them up or dress them down and they go with almost any outfit. One of the shape faces hoop earrings are said to compliment are wider faces .

The key to selecting your earrings ( if you so choose to wear them) is selecting the right style. Not all style hoop earrings fit everyones face structure.  It's said if you have smaller features it's best to wear the thinner hoops . And if you have more pronounced features the thicker hoops would be best.

Another tip is to be sure to select a hoop shape and length that compliments for face if you have an oval shaped, or rounder shaped  face. Hoop earrings that fall beneath your jaw and down to the chin would help in distracting the eye from a wide or round jawline.

If your are a natural with a shorter neck. It's suggested to select a pair of hoop earrings in an oblong shape to help in slimming down your neck.  And choosing earrings that may fall past your  jawline and chin, anything longer may try attention to your neck.

 As for the correct color / metal for your skin tone. It's Suggested that gold suits warm toned complexions . Silver and other color metals seem to to best with cooler toned complexions.   

As for my personal taste I tend to take more of a liking to silver toned metals, etc. I am a believer, that the tones of our skin can make a difference in how well we wear certain color metals, etc.

Thanks for stopping by ladies, take care. And remember to stay fly, naturally healthy and fabulous!



Coilybella said...

Love this post and earrings. I always reach for my thin silver hoops.

Unknown said...

Hi Coily bella,

Thanks! I love silver large hoops.They go with so much.

Thanks for stopping by coily bella take care!

Maven said...

Great post. I too am a big hoop wearer. I also have been. I think hoops are classic and will never go out of style. Also, that photo is fierce!

Unknown said...

Hi Maven,

Thank you!. Yes Hoop earrings is a great way to add to your style of hair and dress.

Thanks for stopping by Maven, Stop by often. Take Care!