Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Hello Ladies!
Today I bring you a product review of the Curl Boost Butter from the lovely JMarie on Esty. She has a lovely store there that includes hair products , as well as other items.  Let's start the review:
She states via her store:
The curl boost butter is nourishment for parched curls , and get great twist outs and braid outs , moisture and frizz elimination.. The Curl Boost Butter is her best seller.
This hair butter gives great results for natural hair styles. This gives your curls more bounce, softness, shine and definition. This is the butter to use if you want to combat dry, frizzy curls and condition your hair at the same time.
Use on damp hair. If you have a TWA or Wash & Go, rub butter in hands, then gently rub butter all over hair. If you are doing a Twist/Braid Out, place butter on each section of hair and then twist/braid. A little goes a long way.
This is a Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Coloring, and Chemical preservatives free product.
Avocado Butter, Olive Butter, Rice Bran Oil, Fragrance Oil.
$10.99/4oz (medium jar)
Packaging and shipping:
This item came well packaged and very quickly.
The Scent:
I must admit I am not a huge fan of the scent. Please know it is not a bad scent at all. It's just that I have a very sensitive nose, and must have something a bit lighter for scent. However, it is not a lingering scent nor does it carry an offensive smell.
The consistency:
The consistency is one of a creme, in the pictures provided above it may appear to be a bit looser than it's original consistency due to the warmth in my home from time to time ( I'm thinking it may be time to move this little number to the refrigerator). 
My thoughts:
This product does as it states, it did enhance my curls once applying.  It made my hair soft and gave it a bit of shine.  A little does go a long way. This product was filled to the top, which is a great amount for the size so this should last a while. Will I repurchase the verdict is still out.
I think it may be the scent if anything that would be the determining factor.  If she offered more scents for this product I may repurchase. As for the product itself. It really is not a bad product. And  The customer service was great.  Which is always a factor with me as well.
To find the lovely JMarie and her store on esty please visit her here JMarie
Thanks for stopping by ladies, take care. And remember to stay fly, naturally healthy, and fabulous!
***Disclaimer, please note I am in no way affiliated with this company, nor was I paid to do this review. Just happen to be a fan of natural hair  product and wanted to share with other naturals in hopes of helping someone who may have just began their journey to the beauty of being natural, or someone who may be in need of great natural products. I brought this product with my very on money as well as other products I review here @ AuNaturale. Unless otherwise stated***

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Unknown said...

I like your format for reviews! Very nice and uniformed! I'm all over the place with mine lol

Unknown said...

Hi Feron Flo!

Thank you!.

And thank you for stopping by ,do stop by often. Take care!

nappy headed black girl said...

I, on the other hand, am a scentaholic :-) I adore great-smelling products.

What exactly did it smell like? Was it fruity? Citrus-y? Earthy?

Unknown said...

Hey there NHBG,

Oh no I love my products scented. In fact every product I use is scented.

This product for me personally was a tad bit to strong for me. Not sure why, because honestly the scent is not horrible, or even bad. I get headaches quckly from anything really strong.

It was like maybe a musk/earthy type scent?

I may be the only one that the scent affected. I'm sure it's liked by many.

Thanks for stopping by NHBG, take care!

Michelle @Radiant Brown said...

I bet if you ask her she can create it with no scent. That's how mixtresses usually do it :-)

I have been wanting to try avocado butter for the longest kind of time. I think the PJ in me has been resurrected LOL

Unknown said...

Hey there Michelle,

You know I never thought of asking, Thanks!. And her customer service is great, she just may be able to do that.

Yes, there are a few of her other products I'm also interested in trying.

Thanks for stopping Michelle, Take Care!

Maven said...

I actually almost bought this product at a natural hair event. I may still check it out, but I just attended the Black Women's expo and picked up some other products so may have to wait a bit. It's good to know the product worked as indicated. I did however get one of her one of her T-shirts.

Unknown said...

Hi Maven!

Yes, check it out it really is a great product. And she has other awesome items, including her T-Shirts.

I will be having my very own T-Shirt line coming out by the summer. Keep a look out! Announcements and updates will be posted.

Thanks for stopping by Maven. Take care!