Sunday, April 7, 2013


Hello Curlies!

I hope you all had a wonderful , yet beneficial weekend. As we know spring is here, some may be searching for a new look to go with the warmer weather. And ready to be rid of an older look saying good bye to the cold weather.

With that comes thoughts of changing our hair styles, and or hair cuts. However, not each cut and or style is complementary to the shape of our face. I learned this early on while attending cosmetology school. It's important to know which style , accents your face shape. Which in turn brings out the lovely features we all posses.  Knowing there is no one with a perfect shaped face, however if you have an idea as to which style fits you best based off of your facial shape . You can better explain to your stylist your desired haircut.

In this post we will cover a few of the shapes of the face , which are :


The square shaped face typically has a wide forehead and jawline. If you are one with a square face it's recommended that you not follow the same pattern of your face. Blunt chin length bobs, and  bangs normally don't work well with this shaped face. Rather, try a pixie cut or shoulder length hair.


Very similar to the square shaped face , but the face is a bit longer. Typically longer hair styles are OK with this shaped face but volume is need should you decide to wear your hair this way.  What works even better with this shaped face is medium length styles with volume  and lots of curls.


The oblong face is often referred to as the long face. The Oval faced shapes typically have the benefit of having more overall symmetry in the bone structure, with their jawline and forehead being equal. Due to these reasons those who have an oval shaped face can wear many styles. Oval shaped faces need not avoid any particular style. They all tend to wear well with this facial shape.


Often referred to as the pear face shape. They normally have wider jawlines and narrow foreheads . Its best for these shape faces to avoid styles that add fullness to the jawline such as chin length styles. Shorter styles for this face should be ear length or higher with volume to the crown. Longer styles look best with fullness at the top.


Round face shapes are slightly wider in the middle than the top and bottom of the face.  This shape face should avoid blunt hairstyles along with hair to the ear.  Typically very short hair styles or styles cut above the ear or shoulders with volume do well with this shape face.

I hope you all find this of some help when choosing your next hair cut.  Thanks for stopping by , take care. And, remember to stay fly, naturally healthy , and fabulous!



Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty said...

I'm a huge fan of large earrings. Even when I wasn't natural I rocked them on a regular basis.
However, I also love hair accessories. Girl I'm a big finatic when it comes to accessories in general. A girl can never have too many :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle,

I couldn't agree with you more. I also love accessories *smiles*

Thanks for stopping by Michelle. Take care !