Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hi Fabulous Naturals!

With all of the independent business on the rise, we are all aware of how we want to be treated as customers.  However , not all businessness consider the importance and value of their customers. Many businessness struggle to survive due to the lack of customer service.

Customer service is the meat to every business whether its up and coming or a seasoned business. Many customers form their opinions at the very heart of customer service. Promoting your business is one thing but without the connection between the customer and the business, promotion will mean nothing.

Just as running sales. Running sales is a great way to also show customer appreciation as well as helping in reducing product stock in making room for newer items. But here again without the connection with your consumer, its baseless.

In fact studies show ( and a little common sense) that its customer service that bring customers back.  The key is making sure you are receiving and sending your customers away , happy. Ultimately, producing return customers.

Customers typically remember what you do, not what you say. How you interact with them whether its in person or online. It will and can leave an impression. When starting a business, the reason you started that business is because you had something you wanted to share with the world.  But, sharing it just doesn't cut it, often you must do more. Starting with the customers is the most important factor.

Lets take blogging for instance, although its not exactly an "business" but there are business aspects of it. Like the importance of interacting with those who comment.  Who take the time out of the tons of other blogs and visit yours. There is also a form of selling involved in blogging as well.

And again showing appreciation is key and very important to me. If I say nothing else, I must at least thank them for visiting.

So how about you ladies, what are your thoughts on customer service and how important is it to you? and what do you like to see from a business owner in the way of customer service?

Thanks for stopping by, take care. And remember to stay positive, fly , naturally healthy, and fabulous!



nappy headed black girl said...

If I receive bad customer service in a physical store, not only will I not return, but I'll also let others know how bad it was.

On the other hand, I also give credit when it's due. I just sent a "thank you" card to a restaurant last week because our server was so good. Waiters are underappreciated, IMO.

Blogwise, if I visit and leave a comment and you never respond, I won't go back. Just like you said, I think if someone takes the time to not only find you, but leave a comment, the least you can do is acknowledge it.

Unknown said...


What a great gesture you did for the waiter, how nice of you !

yes, I agree a little courtesy and a simple thank you or something is such an easy thing to do and doesn't cost a dime *lol*

As always NHBG thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Take care!

BTW, love the new profile pic!