Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hello fabulous fellow naturals!

About a week ago I noticed a slight change in the feel of my hair.  I have a few different types of hair, but to sum it up I would say it's 3b/3c....however, there is a small section on the very top of my hair , that I would call a problem area.  This is the part of my hair that I experience the most frizz, and dryness.

So, After taking notice of the difference in the feel of my hair, it felt harder ( if you will) then usual and rough.  I do not like that feeling...what so ever.   I immediately, reviewed my current regimen...along with products particularly my shampoo, deep moisturizing conditioners and protein treatments.  The ingredients in these products and how often they are used in my weekly or bi-weekly regimen.  It was then that I realized my hair is on protein overload.  Here, is what I discovered. 

My current Shampoo- "Kinky Curly come clean"...Although this shampoo is pH balanced at 7, and does not contain protein.   I would rather use a shampoo that is closer to my hairs pH which is 4.5-5.5...this shampoo is great for a clarifying shampoo, but not as a weekly shampoo ( not for my hair , anyway) it's way to strong.  Until, I find a great shampoo with pH closer to my hairs pH  ( and, believe me... I am searching daily) I will be co-washing and clarifying 1x monthly
or use a product that states cleansing cream.

My current deep moisturizing conditioner- Aubrey's organic honey suckle rose- Although, I really like this deep moisturizing conditioner because it is rich, thick and creamy , and left my hair feeling like silk after using and I have been using it for quite a while.   I realized it has wheat germ oil which is a protein.  Now, that is not the entire problem...the problem is I was using this every week after every shampoo...even after my primary protein treatment ( will talk about that below) which I thought was good for its moisturizing properties ( which is to be done after every  protein treatments).  I have a few to try that will be protein free (hopefully) to replace this one.  Waiting for one to arrive as we speak...I will keep you ladies posted.

My current protein treatment- Avocado treatment ( done bi-weekly)-, Again, this treatment was doing great for its has made my hair stronger when it was needed.  However, now that my hair has reached a place where its pretty strong...this treatment is no longer needed in my regimen..Now, its way to strong for my hair...I will continue to use a protein conditioner, but one with a much, much lighter protein. I have decided to wait a few weeks before reincorporating a protein conditioner back into my regimen.  I will probably start them again next month using them only once a month. I have A few I have my eye on...I will keep you ladies posted.


All I need is a great pH balanced shampoo, conditioner cleanser or simply co wash ....a deep moisturizing conditioner one that is protein free to use weekly and a conditioner that is a light protein treatment to use 1x a month.  Along with my moisturizers, oils and sealants.  I do need to have protein in all of my products, my hair does not like that...just 1x monthly , we will see how that goes..and if necessary re evaluate.   Understanding the importance of having a balance of both moisturizing and protein in my regimen, and....

Always,  listen to your hair. Pay very close attention to your hairs behavior and the feel of your hair.  I am very grateful for learning and incorporating such a lesson....I believe that this is the  very lesson that may have saved me a lot of heart ache.



ChocolateOrchid said...

I totally agree with you about listening to your hair. I've begun incorporating protein treatments into my regimen b/c my hair began shedding more than norm and what I felt was acceptable. I'm trying a couple of different ones to test but so far I can tell it's necessary. I'll definitely watch out for protein overload but I do feel like my hair needs it for now.

Btw, I never knew that Kinky-Curly's shampoo had protein in it. Wow. Can't wait to read about your recent purchase.

Peace and blessings,

Unknown said...

@ChocolateOrchid....yes, look out for protein overload ...I will continue to use protein beginning again in a month or so. But, using a light protein ...maybe every month -month and a half, we will see.

Oh, yea kinky curly come clean doesn't have protein in it....sorry, if that was misleading ( I added that in my post) it was just to much for my hair as a weekly shampoo, good as a clarifying in which I plan to use 1x monthly.

Thanks so much for stopping by, take care.

Samina said...

You are so right about listening to your hair. i had a similar experience after using the glycerin spritz everyone raves about. While it may work for most, my hair wa like, "unh-unh, not here sista"
I have not experienced protein overload (at least i dont think so) And I think it's b/c I do not have a variety of hair products where I live that are for afro textured hair so I end up making a lot of my own stuff lol-smh

Unknown said...


As salaamu alaikum...Yes! listening to my hair is the best lesson , thus far in my hair journey!

Thanks for stopping by and take care.