Monday, August 9, 2010


Everyone has heard of a split end. Split ends are defined as hair strands that have broken into two or more parts or pieces, on the very end of the hair. If this is the case, then why I am saying that split ends are a myth? The myth is that splits only occur on the ends of the hair. Splits can and do occur at any point on the hair strand, at any point from the root to tip or end of the hair. Hair is most commonly split on the ends. Or at least that is where most people notice them.

The ends of the hair are the oldest part of your hair, especially if you have or are growing longer hair. We often hear, and I say it myself, that we need to protect and preserve the ends of the hair. What about the rest of the hair strand? Here are some tips to do just that:

· Avoid bobby pins that have lost the soft head on the points. These exposed, sharp metal parts can tear the hair strand and weaken it. Weakened hair is more likely to split.

Try to use cotton or nylon to pull back your hair instead of rubber bands. Even coated rubber bands placed too tightly on the hair can flick off the cuticle layer of your hair strands.

Condition your hair. By using a moisturizing conditioner, you help to keep the hair strand moist and pliable. Hair that is moist is less apt to break and split. For most people with Afro textured hair, conditioner is placed on the whole head, not just on the ends of the hair. Thus, this will help to keep the entire strand protected.

If your hair is natural, your hair will very likely tend to dryness and thirstily drink up moisture. Water based moisturizing products, placed on the hair for maintenance between washes will also help to keep hair full of moisture. Thus the hair will be less prone to breakage and splits.

Most of us are aware that the ends of our hair are very fragile and that they can split if they are not handled properly. What many people don't know is that splits can occur at any point on the hair strand. Please be mindful of this so that you can preserve your hair strands and the natural structure of the hair, for as long as possible.

By Chicoro



nappy headed black girl said...

Excellent tips!

I would also like to add that -contrary to popular belief- you can't "fix" or mend split ends. There are no permanent solutions.

You can temporarily seal them or give the appearance of healthy ends but in the long run they need to be chopped.

Unknown said...

@Nappyheadedblackgirl...Thanks , for sharing !

And thanks a bunch for stopping by, take care.

Tiffany said...

Can i add that i BC'd last April and have not had a "trim" yet and my hair has been growing fine. Yes, I feel the fairy knots sometimes and I will get a trim soon, when I find a proper stylist.. but I am not a believer in the trim trim trim...

Unknown said... know I am borderline with the whole trimming for now, I haven't done it in a while as well. I do it when I see it really , really needs it. I often think if its done to often take away from length retention.

Thanks for sharing . Take care.