Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Products often come in pretty bottles that would make lovely decorative pieces were it not for the labels. Plastic containers or jars are often just the right size for some other use in your home. Perhaps you'd like to reuse the containers, but want to remove the labels.

I like to reuse some of my jars to infuse my oils with herbs.  But, would have a hard time removing the labels and or glue.   Below are a few tips in doing so with ease.

Things You'll Need for removing labels:
Nothing but hot water.

1. This works fast, so line up as many containers as you want. The containers should be dry and at room temperature. Run the faucet until the water is Hot. Carefully fill the containers above the level of the labels. Do not let any water drip onto the labels. That will allow the paper to separate from the glue. You do not want that to happen.


2. Let the container stand for three minutes. Find something else to do, boil an egg, but don't cheat! Patience is a virtue, they say. If you get pulled away from this task for a long time, just empty and refill the bottles with hot water.

Starting at one corner, begin gently lifting the label. Voila! It should come off in one piece, glue and all. The trick is in heating and softening the glue from the inside and keeping the paper intact by not letting it get wet. Your containers/jars are now ready to reuse.

How to Remove Glue From Glass Jars:
Things You'll Need:
Peanut butter or Cooking oil

Spread a little cooking oil or peanut butter onto the glue area using a paper towel. The oil will release the glue. Let it sit an hour or more, soak the glass in hot, soapy water (dishwashing detergent is fine) and rub or peel off the glue. Using steel wool ( optional) Repeat procedure if necessary.

My thoughts:

I've tried both of these little numbers and they worked great !  and the best part in some cases its a money saver.



CallaLily said...

Wonderful tip. Thanks for sharing! :-)

Unknown said... are very welcome!
Take care.

ChocolateOrchid said...

This was so necessary! Thanks a bunch for posting this.

Unknown said... are very welcome! Take care.

Tiffany said...

hey I wanted to add that once i put lemongrass and bergamont oil in a container with water (not for hair purposes)...but the oil concentration, for lack of a better word, "ate" the plastic. i've never seen this in any of my hair blends....i did some research and i need to add an emulsifier so the oil doesn't sit in one place to prevent it in the future. but just wanted to share that tidbit

Unknown said...

@Tiffany...Great tip!

Thanks so much for sharing this...take care.