Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Transitioning to a healthy head of natural hair can be straight and to the point or something you do gradually, over time. I am going to share some insight beyond styling tips that can help you transitioning from chemical to natural.

Self Image

Real Beauty is cultivated from the Inside out. Examine your beliefs about your hair. What messages did you learn as a girl? How do you feel when you think of your natural hair texture? Decorate your space with images that affirm your unique beauty.

Making the Choice

Go with the flow. Let your spirit guide you and make your decision in confidence. Set healthy boundaries and resist the need to feel validated about your hair.

Finding a Stylist vs. DIY

Think about how you will care for and style your natural coils. If you need or enjoy the support and expertise of a natural hair care specialist or loctician, ask for referrals and search online directories. Natural Hair Consultations are the best way to determine if you have found the right fit. Some curly divas prefer the freedom of DIY styles. If you have more time than money, practice simple styles like two strand twists or basic loc maintenance. Be sure to care for your tresses with plant based hair care to moisturize, nourish and replenish.

Enjoy the “Journey”

Over the last few years, online blogs, social media sites and communities dedicated to curly and coiled tresses have skyrocketed. While there is great inspiration, photos and hair care tips, too much can lead to information overload. Please try not to obsess. Just be. God created you and your hair. Let go of the comparisons and be yourself.

Join the Cultural Community

Spring and Summer are great seasons to get out to natural hair events, expos, and festivals. On the east coast, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C., and Atlanta have so much going on. The Baltimore Natural Hair Care expo and Dance Africa in Brooklyn are two of my favorites. You can shop for natural hair and skin care, and take workshops on everything from Belly Dancing to Hairlocking 101. It feels good to be around positive people who share a love for natural hair and beauty.

Courtesy of Chanelle Washington of Indigofera

My Thoughts

I really enjoy her articles, they are good to read with great info , simple and straight to the point.  And, her articles can be geared toward loose naturals and naturally loc'd ladies.



Tiffany said...

I was nodding and agreeing with that article quite a bit.

Unknown said...

@Tiffany...Yes, I was also (smiles). I really enjoyed this artcle. Take care.

Samina said...

Wonderful post...embrace, embrace, embrace yourself!