Friday, August 13, 2010


Do you know the properties of hair that leads it to being described as being healthy? Knowing what healthy hair is will help you discover the problem areas with your own hair as well as what you need to focus on changing.

Properties of Healthy Hair

•Hair that feels silky to the touch because most of the cuticle is intact.

•Hair strands that have shine or sheen without hair care products.

•Scalp is clean and moist without bumps, sores, or flakes.

•Hair holds on to moisture well.

•Hair has stretches without breaking or snapping.

•Hair is virtually tangle-free especially when wet.

Shedding is normal at approximately 100 strands per day.

•There is no breakage - small pieces of hair falling out when combing.

•There are not many split ends.

•Hair lies down and does not have frizzy pieces taking away from the hair style.

If this list describes you, then congratulations, you are growing healthy hair! You must be doing something right. Keep on doing it and don't let up because you don't think you need to. Healthy hair is a result of taking good care of your hair over time. Additionally, once you achieve it, you are then on the road for long hair should that be a goal for you.



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