Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hello fellow fabulous naturals!

Just to give a brief update on the products I will be trying for my hair, in place of those that had to be removed due to protein.  I am really leaning toward co-washing or using a conditioner cleanser for a while( clarifying 1x monthly)
I believe this may really be of benefit for my hair,right now.   I plan to give it a trail run for a good month to see if this is what my hair likes.  I am not a fan of cones at all...and I am staying away from proteins for a while , I am now in need of something to co-wash my hair with , that does not include these ingredients.

I recently picked up "kinky -curly" knot today leave-in,( to replace Giovanni's direct leave-in, due to protein) after hearing some pretty great things about this product.  But, I decided to stick with the great little recipe Kim on youtube shared with the natural hair community, this recipe works great on my hair I just replaced the leave-in from what I was using to knot today.  Once, I brought it you guys know what I did immediately.....pulled out the pH strips to test the pH on this product (before mixing it with aloe juice and the oils.)  It came up as PH of 7.  Not, to bad ...I mean it is in the safe pH range.....but, I am really trying to use products at least most of them... that are closer to the hairs pH which is 4.5-5.5.

I then, decided to test the very same conditioner ( knot today) with the aloe juice and oils mixed with the leave -in ...and it came back at pH 4 ( remember any product at pH of 4.0-7.0 , is a safe range for our hair).
I tell you Kim is a smart woman,  Adding the extra ingredients to the knot today...lowered the pH making it even better for our hair.  So, I plan to give this a try as a co-wash as well as my leave-in , and see if I like it( its said to be great for co-washes also...and it does not contain protein or silicone's)

Next, I  ordered the "Coconut sublime moisturizing conditioner" by curls...this is also protein  and silicone free ( this will be my weekly moisturizing's said that you can use this as a co-wash as well I plan to try it both ways) it hasn't arrived yet, its to be expected any day now.

Lastly, I ordered "Daily cleansing conditioner creme" by Darcy's botanicals.  This is also protein and silicone free.  It, is said to be great for conditioner washes.... we will see, once it arrives.

I plan to give this little numbers a go.....and will keep you ladies posted on my results.




Unknown said...

Thanks for the information. I use Knot Today for mine and my daughter's hair. Could you direct me to where you found out how much oils and juice to add? Also, do you get the Aloe Vera juice from the health food store? Thanks!

Unknown said... are quite welcome!
I would be glad to direct to the recipe

that is the link above...if you can not link to it for some reason ...just let me know I also have the recipe in my recipe book.

Yes, I get my Aloe vera juice from the vitamin shoppe in my area.

Hope this helps...take care and thanks so much for stopping by.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much, got the info I needed!

Chayah said...

Great post thanks for the info! I feel like I'm the last one to try the Kinky Curly products. *sigh*

Unknown said...

@Vee...Thank you ...and thanks for stopping by, take care.

Unknown said... are quite welcome!... Enjoy!

Coilybella said...

Hi Zainab, the interesting is that I love the way Giovanni Direct Leave in makes my hair feels (soft and very detangled). The knot today is awesome but my hair feels softer and silkier with Giovanni. Well, I guess if you want none protein conditioners, the knot today would be a better choice.

Unknown said...

@Tinuke...while I was using giovanni leave- in I did like it...but, when I realized my hair was on protein over load ...I had to change all of the products I was using that had protein...quickly !

I had heard pretty good things about knot today, annnd it didn't contain protein, plus I can get it locally as well w/out paying shipping. I like the knot far so good(smiles)

Thanks , Tinuke for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us ...take care.