Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hey there fabulous naturals!

Back a few post I shared a bit about the importance of documenting your hair journey, by courtesy of the fabulous chicoro which included some very helpful points. To go further She now explains the importance of documenting our journey through the products we use in our hair. Check out what she says:

Hair products and the ingredients they contain are very important for the health of your hair.  Although a shampoo or a conditioner can not change the state of your hair instantaneously and irrevocably like cutting or chemicals can over time the wrong  product choices for your hair can destroy your hair.  To do this exercise , you will need a notebook, a pen or pencil, and four different color highlighters.  If you don't own a highlighter use a distinguishing mark like a check, circle or x.  And you will also need your shampoo and conditioner.

1.  Staring with the bottle of shampoo, write down every single ingredient.from the back into your notebook.

2.  Now, highlight the first 5 ingredients with one of your highlighters.  These are the primary ingredients in your hair care products.

3.  Now if you use them highlight any sulfates.  Look for anything that looks like sulfate, -fate, laurel, lauryl,sulfite and any derivative.  Highlight these  in a different color.

4.  Now, onto silicone type ingredients ( if you use them) listed as silicone, dimethicone, or any words with cone in them .  Highlight these in a different color.

5.  Now, preservatives these words end in -ben .  Some are methylparaben and propylaraben. Highlight these in a different color.

6. Now, look for dyes and fragrances circle anything that is FD&C #X.  Circle anything that pertains to fragrance.  Even if you actually see the word fragrance , circle it.

Now repeat with your conditioner.  If you love the way your hair looks and feels than the shampoo and or conditioner is probably working for you.  If , your hair is not in fact where you want it to be , then you may want to look for some different products.  Try to find products that have mostly ingredients you recognize.  Copy your list and take it along with you when you go purchase more products.  And, try to buy products with natural ingredients listed at the very top of the ingredient list. This is one small way to build your knowledge.

Courtesy of the fabulous Chicoro

My thoughts

I love this ! Although a few of the things she listed here I choose not to use in my hair.  Its still very helpful, and I love the tip and idea on if your products are not 100% natural.  Try  products in which the first 5 or so ingredients are natural.  Lastly, I believe that this idea can actually be used with all of our products that we may use on our hair, not limited to shampoo and or conditioner.

Until next time remember to stay naturally fabulous !

                                                         TAKE CARE :)


Unknown said...

Natasha..A process like this makes a lot of sense but keeping a journal is so tedious. It's about knowing the long-term benefits, I suppose!

Adding other hair care products, like leave-ins would be helpful.

Lastly, once transitioned out of the "bad chemicals" the journey would still be helpful to leverage the best qualities out of products.

For example, I'm just realized this week that my locs aren't really a fan of palm derivatives. Hmm, maybe I should jot it down in a journal :wink:

Unknown said...

@Natasha...Thanks a bunch for stopping by, and please forgive the mix up . With your comment posted above. It states zainab says , but its actually your comment. I believe what happened is that I had to delete the original post I did on this which in fact included your comment. I wanted your comment to be posted so I just copied & posted it to this post same topic though.

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us , do stop by often . Take care.

Coilybella said...

Great great post!!! I also, like you, try to use products that have natural ingredients, so I really do not have to go thru that process of elimination, however, sometimes, I use some products that have ingredents names that I cannot pronounce, so this idea will come handy for those. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Unknown said...

@Tinuke...You are quite welcome! I found it quite helpful as well. So, glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by Tinuke , take care.