Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hello ladies!

Hope every one is ready Freddy to purchase their favorite hair care products come Friday.  There are loads of fellow fabulous naturals doing their part in spreading the news about probably the best deals on natural hair care products of the year. And there are lots of our favorite natural hair care lines having great sales, let me tell ya.

I came across this interesting post the other day which is actually a dyi ( do it yourself) kind of conditioner.  But, as with everything dyi you can substitute the ingredients as you please.  And, with that being said let me speak about the main ingredient and this ingredient is what actually caught my eye "PARSLEY".

Parsley is one of my all time favorite herbs to use,  I no longer use the herb infused tea rinses, or the herb infused spritz I was so in love with,...... yup that's right.  After doing my standard pH testing that I do on each and every product that I use ( as long as its not a solid) .  The pH on the items mentioned above sadly came back with a high pH pass the safe range of 7, which means that they were to alkaline. In which I have said before and will say it again since making the decision to try in doing my best in keeping most if not all of the products I use in the pH closer to the hairs actual pH which is 4-5.5.  I have seen a tremendous difference..a tremendous difference.  My hair stays a lot more moisturized , with lots of sheen and the feel is one of smoothness, not rough feeling at all. However when adding Aloe Vera juice it lowered the pH in the herbal spritz I was using, but I've just decided to do away with it for now.  And have since replaced the herbal infused spritz or simply Aloe Vera juice and water and that is working out , just great. 

But, I do however continue to infuse my oils, and parsley is one I keep in stock.  Parsley aids in growth, helps if you have dry hair, damaged hair, dull hair, or dandruff.  When I found this article I liked the idea and thought to myself I could do this in my own way, But what I really liked was the idea of what was done with the parsley and then you can add it to your own conditioner of choice.

Take a look

Thanks for reading and remember, to stay naturally fabulous!

                                                                    TAKE CARE :)


ChocolateOrchid said...

Wow! Parsley is one of those herbs that I singularly think about being on a plate on top of another food, not exactly an ingredient in my hair products. Don't know why. I'm accepting of every other herb. Guess I'm herb "profiling". Lol.

Thanks for the info. I definitely am curious enough to try it in some way.

Unknown said...

@ChocolateOrchid..., yes, parsley is really good for our hair also. As I do love to add a little parsley to my cooked dishes as well :)

Thanks a bunch for stopping by CO, take care.

Coilybella said...

wow, I read the post, very interesting. I never knew that parsley did so much for hair. I have to try it tommoroow(wash and henna day). After I henna, I am going to add parsley to my deep conditioner. I am so excited. I will report back on my blog. Thanks for posting Zainab!!

Unknown said...

@Tinuke...Yes! I cant wait to give it a go myself wash day approaching quickly. But, what I do know for sure is that parsley is great for infusing oils. Keep me posted on your results, thanks for stopping by tinuke, take care.