Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello there fabulous fellow naturals!

There has been many times I've read post's from fellow fabulous naturals who speak on wanting to visit natural hair salons.  Now, I know there are plenty in the Atlanta area, Washington  andVirginia areas, etc. But, I a natural from New Jersey and to be quite honest If ...if I or one of my daughters had to visit a salon now that I'm natural it would have to be a hair salon that caters to naturals only ( this is my preference).  Because I am a licensed hairstylist, and I feel what I've learned thus far in my 1 year and 6 month journey.  I care, cut and style my hair as well as my daughters myself.

With that being said,  it's still a pleasure to have someone else care for your hair every now and then.  Plus, there's nothing wrong with pampering yourself from time to time , right ?

As I was checking in on one of my favorite natural hair blogs I found this  How cool is that and not far from me at all.  Especially since there aren't any natural salons in my area. 

So, all of you fabulous naturals in Philly or surrounding areas.  We now have  place's to go and treat ourselves and our hair to a day of pampering :)

Until next time , remember to stay naturally fabulous!

                                                               TAKE CARE:)


Coilybella said...

too bad I live in Jersey city.

Unknown said...

@Tinuke...Awww, If I ever go I'll be sure to share my experince :)

Thanks for stopping by Tinuke, take care.

NaturalReview said...

I'm from Philly, and I recently visited Duafe in the summer when I was visiting family. My sister gets her sisterlocks done there too.

Unknown said...

@Naturalreview...cooool! I hope to visit one of the salons talked about in the video, one day. May be the one you've mentioned. Sounds great.

Thanks for stopping by naturalreview, Take care.

Tiffany said...

My hometown, whut whut! I gotta call and get some prices, I do need my first trim (in 2 years)!

Unknown said..., you are so funny.

Thanks for stopping by Tiffany, take care.