Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Heeey fabulous naturals!

We all are familiar that shedding is a natural part healthy hair.  Its quite normal to have shed hairs , the amount  however can be a bit of a controversy.  Then you have some who may shed just a bit more than normal.  With out apparent health issues.  There are a few health reasons that could be a factor behind excessive hair shedding.  So, if by chance your in that category its probably best to seek a physician.

 For ladies who may be having a minor shedding problem.  who may be in need of a little something to help them in this area.  It could be a ready made product or a homemade product. 

So ladies what are your shedding secrets ? share.

Thanks for reading and remember to stay naturally fabulous !

                                                                          TAKE CARE :)


Coilybella said...

My hair used to shed a lot, I thought something was wrong!!
I later on realized that I just did not know how to moisturize my hair. My recently discovered water mix has done wonders for my hair recently. Also, wearing styles done close to my scalp has reduced a lo of shedding for me and I experience less tangles (cornrows and flat-twists). I guess due to the ends being hidden.

My mix
leave in, castor oil
coconut oil
Aloe juice

Unknown said...

@Tinuke...that sounds great! and very similar to my daily moisturizing water, & aloe juice.

Thanks for sharing this with us, hope it helps a fellow natural:) Take care.