Friday, November 26, 2010


Heeeey fabulous naturals!

Since my decision on embracing my natural hair I have  done many protein treatments from time to time on my hair.    From everything to a diy avocado hair treatment ,  mixing egg with a conditioner, and using a deep conditioners with soy protein.   I have also read lots of books, and articles promoting protein treatments for our natural tresses.   And from doing the above I now know and understand the differences in some of the different protein treatments I mentioned above.

Some are stronger than others and then there are some that are quite mild, like soy protein for instance.  If and when  I use protein soy protein is the way I would go, because my hair is on the finer side. I found the other proteins were way to strong for my hair.  And during the winter I try to stay away from proteins of any kind,  completely   But, I'm not quite sure if I brought on the whole protein for our hair is a must theory.  From time to time, yes maybe...but believing its a must.... I don't know. I know it all depends on your hair and its condition.  But there are tons of effective alternatives on the market.  So, fabulous  naturals share your thoughts, what do you ladies think.  Is protein a definite must in your hair care regimen?

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nappy headed black girl said...

I did a post on this exact subject about 6 months ago here

My answer is no, at least not for my hair. I also have fine hair and have found that anything too heavy leaves my hair hard and dry...not cool!

Particularly with dreads, I just don't understand why they would be needed. Isn't locd hair already matted up and tangled. i.e. stronger than a single strand of hair?

Anonymous said...

maybe. if she uses heat on a regular basis or if she has fine hair or wears protective styles a lot. But I dont really need to use protein often. I might use protein twice a year

Unknown said...

@nappyheadedblackgirl....Yes, I so agree with you I am coming to find that my hair seems to do much better without it.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by NHBG, take care.

Unknown said...

@Alana..great point. Thanks a bunch for stopping by Alana, take care.

Ms-gg said...

No I avoid protein like the plague

Unknown said... hear you :) Thanks a bunch for stopping by Ms-gg, take care.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Great question. Right now, my hair needs protein. A year or two ago, I would've said ,"No". I think it totally depends on your hair states, and pretty much what Alana mentions in her comments.

Onyx Rose said...

I would say no. My hair only likes certain protein treatments and even still...for my hair, protein isn't necessary. Like Ms-gg, I avoid protein.

Great question.

Unknown said...

@ChocolateOrchid..I also use to think my hair need protein.... after protein.... after protein. But, I have since realized based off of how my hair reacts to protein. That I may not need it at all or at least anything strong...just soy protein and even with that not often at all.

Thanks for stopping by co and sharing your thoughts with us. Take care.

Unknown said...

@Onyx rose..yes I feel the same as stated earlier if I use proteins it would only be soy, if at all.

Thanks for stopping by ms onyx rose and sharing your thoughts with us, take care.

BreukelensFinest said...

i try to do a mix between protein and moisture treatments. I dont know which one is working but i'm afraid to take one out. if it aint broke dont fix it! lol

Unknown said..., for the most part I'm a "if it aint broke dont fix it" kinda of girl also :)

Thanks for stopping by BreukelensFinest, take care.

Coilybella said...

This is a very good question. I am still asking myself that question. My confusion comes from having colored ends. I know it is recommended that protein treatment be done on chemically treated hair as there is loss of protein when hair is colored. In general, my hair is fine and does not do well with heavy stuff, my hair loves simple regimens.

I really do not know,I guess it depends on each individual's state of hair.

Unknown said...

@Tinuke...I agree my hair doesn't like strong proteins, either. For that reason if and when I do protein it always only soy protein, because I know its light.

Thanks for sharing with us Tinuke, take care.