Friday, April 22, 2011


Hello  fellow naturals!

I found this topic/thread on the Naturally curly forum and found it quite interesting.  So I wanted to give it a shot here at AuNaturale and ask you ladies.  What are "your" hit and miss natural hair products?  ( DIY products or store brought products) 

OK, I'll start:


Aloe juice

Aloe juice, herbal, water spritz

Infused herbs

Olive oil

Emu Oil

Jojoba Oil

VO5 moisture milks conditioners ( clarifying conditioner included)

Hairveda's "Moist Condition 24.7 ( not so much my hair 3b/3c, but  fabulous on my daughters 4b/4c hair)

Hairveda's "Whipped creme ends hydration" ( stellar on my middle daughters 3b/3c ends of her hair)

Aztec Secret " Bentonite Clay"

Kinky -Curly "Come Clean" ( only on occasion, when absolutely necessary)

MyHoneychilds 'honey hair Mask" Deep Conditioner

MyHoneychilds "Molasses Hydrating Deep Conditioner" ( review coming soon)

My Honeychilds" Olive You" Deep Conditioner

MyHoneychild's " Buttery Soy Creme"

Curl Junkies "Daily Fix" Cleansing hair conditioner (review coming soon)

Curl Junkies "Smoothing Lotion" leave- in conditioner ( review coming soon)

Curl Junkies " Curls in a bottle" hair styling solution ( review coming soon)

Kiss my Face "Upper Management" styling gel

Uncle Funky's Daughter "Curly Magic"

Qhemet Biologics " Amla &Olive Heavy Cream"

Jane Carter's " Nourish &Shine"

Darcy's Botanicals "Daily Cleansing Conditioner Cream"

MISS ( and a mess):

Shea Butter

Coconut oil

Castor oil, ( straight, maybe a very little in a product)

Vegetable Glycerin( depending how much, and placement on ingredients list.... but great on my daughter's 4b/4c hair.)

Oyin handmade "Hair Dew" leave -in  ( thought it was my friend, found out's not)

Lustrasilk's "Olive oil " Cholesterol conditioner

Afro Veda "carrot seed Shampoo bar ( included are...all shampoo bar's)

Hairveda's "Almond Glaze" hair pomade

MyHoney child's "Sophia's old fashioned hair grease" ( review coming soon)

Miss Jessies" Baby Buttercreme"

Bee Mine " Bee Hold Curly Butter"

AfroVeda's 'PUR Whipped Hair Gelly"

VERDICT STILL OUT ( and review's coming soon):

MyHoneychild's "Type 4 Hair Creme"

MyHoneychild's "Honey Hair Creme'

Donna Marie's "Super Buttercreme"

Whew!! ..there you have it, looks like a lot (lol) .  Thankfully , I don't use them all at once and all the time (lol).

So, ladies What are your "HIT or MISS natural hair products"?

As always thanks a bunch for stopping by.  And, remember to stay.....Naturally Fabulous!

                      TAKE CARE !:))


Tiffany said...

HIT: U know I luvs the Afroveda Hair Gelly. I just make it home.
Herbal Essence, Hello Hydration
ACV Rinse
Sweet Nature by Eddie Journey Hair Milk
Sweet Nature by Eddie Inspiration Shampoo
Coconut Oil
Bee Mine Curly Butter

OUT - Most Oils directly (must be mixed with something)
Qhemets Amla & Olive Heavy Cream

I think my hair is pretty friendly other than that.

Unknown said...

@Tiffany...Thanks so much for sharing your hit & misses with us:))

And, thanks a bunch for stopping by Tiffany, it's always a pleasure hearing from you. Take care :))